Worst IUI ever!

So we head to the city today for the scan and IUI. Well… only one of those things happened. 

Much to my disappointment the iui was a no go. But here is where it gets really fun (not). On the way down I tell M that I would be surprised if it wasn’t my right side ovulating as for the last 3 days I have had cramps on that side only. This regularly happens to me, I can tell which side is ovulating. So we go back and she inserts the ultrasound thing and checks out my lining. Perfect! She said she saw the triple line and that it was nice and thick – just where we would want it for ovulation time. Then she looks at my right ovary. Nothing. NOTHING! She said it is very quiet and there is nothing there. There is also no remnants of recent ovulation there. She slides over to my left side – several small little guys who are no where near proper size. So she says to me and M – we wont be thawing any sperm today. 

Then it gets even better. She keeps on looking on the screen and shows me those small little dumb follicles. She said there were many follicles that were just too small. She says this is common in people with PC and that we will need to start clomid next cycle. I then said “I heard you say PC. Do you think that I have PCOS?”. She says “Yes I think so, a very mild case of it”.

Cut to me in complete shock. My results all came back good and normal and now I have a syndrome? 

I think more then anything I am frustrated. Why is this proving so difficult. I understand that M had difficulty with no explanation. But do I really need to have difficulty to? Why would my blood come back normal if I have this? I even got a freaking discount on my life insurance because my blood checked out better then expected for someone of the old age of 29. 

Also, what is typical with PCOS? Do you get a “diagnosis”? My understanding is that the reason she said that is because of the amount of follicles. I probably saw 6 or 7 on the ultrasound. Do I need to have more symptoms? Should I be seeing a Doctor? Does mild mean not really there? Ahh.

Here is what has become clear to me so far. PCOS makes it harder to get pregnant. 

I know there are a lot worse things that can happen and normally I try to be very thankful for what I have, but I really just feel like crying now. 

Here is an added bonus. She said that the fact that I got smiley ovulation tests with no giant follicle about to ovulate proves that I will need blood monitoring and ultrasound scans. With my history of fainting and puking during blood withdrawal I was overcome with happiness hearing that. I might even have to drive in to the city at 5:00am to get this blood done in order to be back at work for 8:00! Hey is fainting a symptom of PCOS? What about TMJ because I have that too! This puts a double kink in it because they wont let me drive after taking blood so M will get to miss some of her work too! Double negative in the finance department. When M had to do it they made her come in ever second day and then every day. How in the world can I miss that much work as a teacher?

And this is all in preparation for the first IUI. We all know that chances of that are slim. So how many tries will I have to do this for? Why can’t we just get pregnant magically?

Okay my bitterness/sarcasm has reached its limit.

So I will state something I am thankful for. I am thankful that we did not waste the 1,000 dollars on an IUI that would never have worked anyways. That is all the positive I can be right now. 

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7 Responses to Worst IUI ever!

  1. AndiePants says:

    Ugh. Damnit. So my brief experience with pcos is that it seems over diagnosed primarily because it is so hard to actually diagnose and that it means a different thing to every doctor. It sounds like your ovaries appear poly cystic which doesn’t necessarily mean you actually have pcos. In any case, I have personally found it to feel be beneficial to have the monitoring because it gives me a sense of at least not throwing money at something without some evidence it might work. And the medications have worked for me with mostly minimal side effects. Although it sounds like the biggest issue will be the logistics and that sucks.
    In any case I’m sorry you just keep getting bad news. We feel pretty beat down most days too so I am commiserating and also sending you lots of good woo that Hope is around the corner for us all.

  2. Allison says:

    Oh man. I wouldn’t put too much trust in the PCOS diagnosis, but if there weren’t any (big) follicles, maybe it is best to do the monitoring, even though I know it really sucks for so many reasons. Fingers crossed that it only takes one try for you to get pregnant!

  3. jennandm says:

    Thanks guys. I feel less upset today. Just done with waiting dammit! Now that I think back she did say what she saw was typical with pc. I was the one that said pcos. Hmm. Please clomid work!

  4. Becca says:

    I’m so sorry you are going through this Jenna! But the meds and monitoring isn’t a bad thing. At least you can let the doctors do their thing and not worry about OPKs. Hoping you get some answers and more direction soon to help boost your confidence.

  5. jennandm says:

    Thanks Becca. I think I am just dealing with the fear that I may not be able to get pregnant. I am not sure if there are proper grounds for this fear, but it is real to me.

  6. Lucy says:

    I’m sorry this happened. I don’t know much about PCOS (other than that it’s one of the main causes of fertility issues). I’d guess that since your case is so mild, the medications will be just what you need to give your body a “boost” and get those follicles big and producing lots of big eggs 🙂

  7. stacey says:

    I’m new to your blog. My partner has PCOS and did really well in Femara. Maybe that would be worth trying? No side effects like Clomid and no multiple eggs.

    Can you do blood tests closer to home and take less time and then do the ultrasound/IUI there? Or can you do pee tests until closer to the date and then do blood tests? Normally if you’re pretty regular, you won’t have to go in until closer to your typical O day so it isn’t always a ton of days, unless your cycle gets wonky (happened to me where I typically O’d on CD19 but on the pregnancy for my first, it was CD32!)

    Good luck! TTC is very, very frustrating. 😦

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