The days go on…

So not much is new here with TTCing.

I started clomid on day 3 and continued until day 7. Today is day 10 and I go for bloodwork and an ultrasound on Tuesday to see if I have anything. 

If I had not had the big follicle fail last month (with what I swear was ovulation pain) then I would feel more excited.

Clomid side effects for me so far have been thankfully minimal. Unless it means that it isn’t working, then I am not thankful. I had some weird vision moments and more sore/crampy then usual ovaries. No crazy thoughts or dreams and M says my moods had no change. I did not get any hot flashes either but they would have been welcomed as it is mighty chilly here!

Things keeping me busy are my cute dogs, preparing my class for Christmas and planning out Christmas vacation to M’s parents house in Phoenix.  🙂

I will update after my appointment Tuesday. I really hope i have good news this time!

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1 Response to The days go on…

  1. Allison says:

    I hope so too!
    A baby born in the fall would be so nice. 🙂

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