TTC Timeline

October 8th, 2007 – J and M make it official

July 4th, 2009 – J and M get married and M moves to Canada (from the U.S.A.)

August 2011 – J finally convinces M it is time call the fertility clinic and get the ball rolling. J has lapse of judgment/best idea ever and asks M for the last time – “are you SURE you do not want to carry our first child?” (M had told J about 100 times there was no way she was going to grow a baby). M pondered for a couple weeks and then came back with an “Okay I’ll do it”

September 2011 – our GP refers us to a fertility clinic of our choice.

November 2011 – J and M both get blood work testing done. One of us has CMV and other one does not so we need to chose a CMV negative donor as ideally we would both like to conceive using the same donor.

December 2011 – J and M see a specialized councillor to discuss complexities of using donor sperm. This is a law in B.C. for any couple using a donor.

January/February 2012 – M gets HSG test done. Results come back great, everything is clear and open. Fertility Dr. explains to us that we should have no problem conceiving and suggests IUI. M begins testing her LH levels to detect ovulation.

February 2012 – We meet with a wonderful nurse who explains donor sperm protocols and we finally pick a donor. We order 4 vials of sperm at a cost of $700 dollars each. Yikes!

March 2012 – The fertility Dr. called and said M had to get her MMR vaccine and wait 30 days after to begin trying to conceive.

May 2012 – IUI # 1 all natural – BFN

June 2012 – IUI # 2 all natural – BFN. M had some spotting for a week and Dr. suggested it could have been a chemical pregnancy but we did not have any tests completed to confirm.

– J and M start to get nervous about reading LH surge tests. The results are not clear and stay positive for many days. Mention this to Nurse and Dr. who tell us to come in 24 hours after the first positive tet.

July 2012 – IUI # 3 all natural – BFN – ordered 5 more sperm vials

August 2012 – IUI # 4 all natural – BFN

September 2012 – IUI # 5 all natural – BFN – make appt with Dr.

October 2012 – IUI # 6 with clomid – BFN        Dr. suggested M’s LH levels were confusing and impossible to read. No more pee tests or blood tests. Ovulation was to only be detected by ultrasound.

November 2012 – IUI #7 with clomid and HCG trigger – BFN – this one stung.

December 2012 – IUI # 8 with clomid and HCG trigger – BFN. We contacted our Dr. to discuss the next steps.

December 2012 – our Fertility Dr. called us to tell us she suggests we move on to IVF. The cost will be 15,000+ dollars. We find out we have no medical coverage on anything fertility. Ouch. We have already invested 10,000+ dollars into IUI’s with no success so we decide that this is M’s final attempt to conceive and that we owe it to her to try everything. To top it all off, our Fertility Doctor also informs us that our fertility clinic is disbanding and we can choose to stay where we are, or leave and go to her new clinic. We decide to carry on with her, however the opening date is not until May/June 2013. We are disappointed we need to wait even longer, but we realize that this will give us time to try save up some money.

January 2013 – waiting and saving. Stressing over money every day.

July 2013 – IVF meds begin

August 2013 – IVF Egg Retrieval and transfer complete. Everything looks good.

August 2013 – IVF – BFN – 😦 x 100 million

October 2013 – decide to switch to J (me), RE orders bloodwork and HSG tet

November 2013 – HSG and blood come back good and clear. RE suggests IUI with clomid to keep a more regular cycle

November 2013 – J gets positive OPK and asks to do 1 natural cycle. RE agrees and completes ultrasound scan before. NO FOLLICLE! IUI cancelled. WTF? Waiting for next cycle to start clomid Please let this work.

December 2013 – J is asked to start bloodwork and ultrasound monitoring to help with IUI. IUI #1 25 hours after trigger with 2 dominate follicles – BFN

January 2014 – IUI with bloodwork and ultrasound monitoring. Trigger shot with 1 mature follicle and IUI 30 hours later. BFP!!! Woohoo we have been waiting SO long for this day.

May 2014 – 20 week ultrasound. Baby is measuring right on track.  Baby is a ________! We aren’t telling anyone 😉

October 21st, (11:49pm) 2014 – our baby boy is born. We are in love and so very thankful we did not ever give up!


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