12 weeks

Today marks 12 weeks into our second pregnancy. Baby is the size of a plum! We have not told family yet as today is our little man’s 2nd birthday and we don’t want to take away from his bday celebrations. We have a midwife appointment on Monday and if all goes well we will tell our families that evening. We had an ultrasound at 8 weeks 5 days where we saw a strong heartbeat and a big head! I am starting to feel pretty excited! And not complaining, but the sickness is kicking my butt more with a toddler around this time. 
Did I also mention we have two teenage girls living with us? Now THAT has been a learning curve…. Whoa nelly.

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Beta day

Well today I had the dreaded/exciting blood draw. Numbers came back at 581 17 days past IUI. With my son I had 347 at 14 dpiui so this is a bit lower but still incredibly exciting.  If this all works out we will have a 1 hit wonder! Can’t believe I might be able to say that after years of heartbreak! I think I will go for another beta in a few days. Eek!

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So Confused! TMI and opinions wanted!

I really do not know what is going on. Am I pregnant? Am I not? Am I having a early loss?
On Friday Aug. 12th I had a 10,000iu pregnyl trigger shot at 8:30am. 1 follicle at almost 25 and a lining of 6.7mm. 

On Saturday Aug. 13th I had an IUI at 3:00pm. 

I have felt different since a couple days after IUI. I was sure something was going on and I felt the pressure cramps early on. I started trying to test my trigger out with a whack of ovulation tests I had that were expired. Yes I know….but ovulation tests read HCG as well. Just more chance of mix ups. I figured since they were going to the garbage, what could be the harm. Well I’ll tell you…mental health. So I took the ovulation tests starting at about 8 days past trigger and they were very dark. Didn’t seem to lighten up much over the next several days. At 12 days past IUI I got a dark line on a dollar store pregnancy test. So that was 13 days after trigger. Was curious why it was so dark. Woke up the next morning and took another test with FMU and it was negative (if I squint extra hard I can kinda see an evap  line). When I wiped (tmi) there was a decent amount of brown blood. I started crying. I was certain I was pregnant and now I was bleeding. I had been carrying the wiggly tantrumy 22 month old on a hike around the lake the day before. I was sure I had caused this. The spotting continued every time I wiped the whole day but instead of getting heavier it got lighter. I know it is too late for implantation bleeding. The day after at 5am 14 days past IUI I had a light positive on the pregnancy test. It was light but darker then the day before. Spotting continues all day. 5pm I take another one. Line is a bit darker than this morning. By now we are all confused and I’m still spotting. M goes to Walmart and picks up a digital. It reads 1-2 weeks pregnant. Today I am 15 days last IUI and 16 days past trigger. Very minimal spotting now. What is going on??? Could it still be trigger? With baby boy I took a digital 15 days after IUI and it said 2-3 weeks pregnant but the blood draw I had the same day came back higher then expected (early implanter). So I’m hoping 1-2 weeks pregnant is a good enough for 14 dpiui.
Ahh! So confusing. As I head back to work next week I want this to be figured out prior to the craziness of the first week of kindergarten!

Any ideas? Anyone? I understand only time will tell but what is the deal?!

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The boy

I figured since we are 300 days from proper updates I need to show how much boy has grown. It’s truly unbelievable.  He enjoys crossing his arms and using duck face to say NO when he is not impressed. He loves animals and will lay flat on the ground to get a better look when he sees an ant or bug. His favourite food (which is amazing becuase he basically never eats) is peanut butter balls. Oatmeal and peanut butter with a bit of honey.  He does not sleep through the night yet but does stay in his own room. He is obsessed with balls and is quite athletic. He has since 19 months old been able to hit a soft baseball in the air with a bat. He can hit a golf ball about ten feet and throw a football pretty far. He REALLY wants to be able to throw the basketball into the adult sized hoop. He has just figured out how to steal the hose and spray us with it…. He is feisty, fiercely independant and hilarious. One of his favourite sayings is  “no mamma my” when he doesn’t want our help. We just love him so very much. 


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IUI later today

Well yesterday I went to my RE for a second follicle scan this month. First one was on day 12 and I had one larger follicle at 15 and many other too small to measure ones. We came back yesterday at day 15 and I had one big follicle at 24.5 and was given a trigger shot. I am happy with the follicle size and timing of trigger to IUI. We are scheduled 30 hours later which is how we had success with our boy! I am not happy that for some reason my lining was only 6.69mm as previously it has been around 10-11. The doctor didn’t say it was a concern but it’s been on my mind. These IUI and donor sperms are big $$$$$ and I want to make sure we have a chance! 

So we will be driving into the city for IUI try #1 of getting boo a sibling. Deep breathes, deep breathes. 

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308 days

308 days since I last updated.  I guess having a 21 month old takes up a lot of our time! Since I’ve been here last I’ve gone back to work for a very stressful year and had a partial thyrodectomy at the end of April. Besides the nasty scar on my neck, I seem to be healing well. My TSH blood test came back on track so that means……we have the go ahead to star TTCing number 2. I started clomid yesterday and will go in day 12 to see if I have any eggs! While I am still feeling a bit anxious….about if any eggs will be present, if the tigger will be timed correct with the IUI, if we will conceive with the 5 vials we have in storage, I feel much more calm this try. 
So… Here we go!

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is this thing on? It has only been 234 days since I last posted. A bit fat oops! 
In that time my baby has started walking, back talking and barking at the dogs. He is amazing and wonderful and cute and bratty and extremely entertaining.  Just under a month until his first birthday and I can’t believe how fast it has gone.  
I’m back at work full time in a very challenging class this year.  Which might explain my 5 migraines in ten days.  Seriously…. That happened. I have a great photo of me nursing boo in the hospital with an IV and sunglasses on this last Thursday. What a memory.  Not sure what is going on there but I would like to figure it out.  When my migraines happen, it feels like the world is ending. I’ve Been to Chiro, acu, physio, massage and the doctor. No one knows why but we have a few leads…. Hormones? I nurse less now that I am working….stress from going back to work? Iron levels? My neck is somehow compressed…. Ahh I guess without suffering sometimes we would not be as thankful for our health. I see a naturopath end of move,bet. 

M is off for the next month with the little man while our twelve month parental leave finishes out.  I have to say it is the smartest thing I did for transition.  He came to my class for the first two weeks to nurse at lunch and now I just pump before work and feed him when I get home.  It has been amazing to just wake up and deal with my stuff (lunch, breakfast, lesson plans) for the last month while M figures out dinner and groceries and boo’s thjngs.  Feel very blessed to ease back in before the big 1 where he’ll be off to daycare all day and needs lunches, diapers, clothes packed, plus dinner made here. Ahh, then the real worlds settles in. 
Hope all is well out there with you all. I’ve been reading every day and see there is a lot of excitement out there.  


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