Just when you thought you had a plan…

In my last post I was all over the place. I had just spoken my RE who suggested clomid. I was feeling weird about starting a medication without having any known difficulties but also wanting to give us the best chance possible with the least financial drain.

I think I have found a solution.

Just when I thought it was time to hurry up and wait…

I get the smiley face on my ovulation test. I don’t know what to do though. Should I call my RE even though my plan is to start clomid next cycle. Should I see if I can do an IUI tomorrow with no medication? So I sit there, at my desk, with my pee stick, that I peed on in the staff bathroom, then hid in my purse, and smuggled back to class and think. Then I ask M. She says ” I dunno” and then I start to panic. I worry that I will come off pushy to my RE. I worry that I will regret not trying without medication. Then I worry that I cant read my body right.

So I fire off an email to my RE and say – I got a positive Ovulation test and was wondering if I should consider an IUI tomorrow or if we should just wait as planned. That was at 12:30 and you have to book IUI’s by 2:00. No email by 1:00. Yikes! My co-worker who I am close with eases my panic and tells me to send my class for a play date at hers at 1:45 to call them. She is wonderful! 

So I call the nurses line and ask them to call me back. A wonderful nurse called me back shortly and said she spoke to my RE and my RE thinks it is completely reasonable to try an IUI tomorrow. WHOA! Didn’t see this coming at all. Who knew that my HSG results would be in so early that I could still complete an IUI. Speaking of HSG I told the nurse it wasn’t fun. She said she knew that it wasn’t fun and she promises they will be nicer tomorrow.  So they schedule me for an IUI at 2:00 tomorrow. I put in my medical paperwork and send it off for a sub tomorrow. I feel incredibly guilty booking a sub for a friday afternoon right before report cards go home. Oh well it is legit!

Then there was a catch. My RE called me at 5:00. Uh-oh. She said that she would like me to come in earlier for an appointment at 11:00am to do a scan to make sure we have the timing right. She said she will make sure they don’t thaw our donor sperm until after her scan. So that means that I need to book the whole day off. I met with my principal and she said she completely understands that medical appointments are out of our control and does not mind that I am taking the day off. I am not more nervous. I don’t want to go all the way there to be told my timing is off. However, obviously it would be more financially responsible. So I will just cross my fingers that my timing is perfect and we do get the IUI. Then I will hope that the IUI goes well and we have perfect timing. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. A girl can dream can’t she?

But seriously… after all the sh*t we have been through with TTCing, it would be nice to get some good news.

Please let us catch a break. 

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3 Responses to Just when you thought you had a plan…

  1. AndiePants says:

    Yes! Good luck.

  2. Becca says:

    You definitely deserve to catch a break! Good luck today!

  3. Jen says:

    Good luck, I hope your timing is right and you get your IUI today!! That’s great work was so understanding.

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