“My heads are in the clouds”

So M had her Egg Retrieval today. Going in we had 4-5 follicles on one side and 1 large follie on the other side that was most likely over mature.

Here is a step by step play about how it all went down.

J wakes up at 4:45 and cant get back to sleep. Decides to have a bath. M wakes up at 6:00 and tells J that she couldn’t sleep because she had cramps and is worried she ovulated in the night. I try to assure her that it is normal. Dogs go out for a pee and then run their lazy bums right back to bed. 

We leave at 6:30 (whoops 6:45) to get to our clinic for our 8am check in. Drive in is good and we arrive on time. We go to the waiting room and then are directed to go to the financing department to pay for ICSI. No biggie – just 1500 dollars. We wait until about 8:40 when they call us back to the dark side (other half of clinic). We go to a little room with a curtain where M is asked to put on a skirt they have for her and wait. Not a paper skirt a real cloth skirt with ties! Our nurse came in and talked to us a bit about what to expect and what medications she will be on. She then came back to give M the IV and that is when I left the room. After the IV was in I went back and M had to take an ativan and tylenol. We  waited for about 30 more minutes.

Around 9:30 they came to get us and brought us back to the procedure room. I even had to wear those blue booties over my shoes. Once M was all in her chair the nurse came to give her some drugs. They were magical apparently. M felt a bit dizzy for a second but then better. We were both a bit nervous as they started the procedure. The Dr. told me that she would feel a pinch as he froze her all up in there. She said she didn’t feel either side. After he let it sit for a few minutes and got started. 

They drained all the follicles and we could see it on the screen. As the follicles were being drained a nurse was standing by and doing what I remember seeing my father do as a child – syphoning beer. When the little tube was full another nurse ran it to the lab window beside us and they got to work right away!

After about 2 minutes as he was draining more we heard the lab yell in the window “got the first egg”. That was my favourite part of the experience. It was all so quick and it was exciting to hear that we had an egg already. My biggest fear was that M did not have eggs in her follicles. I know it seems crazy but after so much effort with 8 IUIs I was imagining all kinds of crazy things. The Dr. (a young very nice man) told M that there were a couple tricky follicles that were higher up and it might hurt. M said thats okay and it did pinch her a bit. She said it hurt but only for a second when the needle was going in. That happened once on each side. The rest was painless. 

It was really fascinating to see all the fluid and blood in the tubes that were sent to the lab. After he got them all he put his tools away and then helped M sit up a bit. He was really nice and shook our hands before he left the room and wished us good luck. The nurses cleaned up the room and M was eventually helped into a wheel chair. As we were being wheeled back to the waiting area/change room for M to lounge for an hour the lab director grabbed my arm and said “you got 6 eggs”. That was FAST! I would say…6 minutes after the procedure ended. 

The nurse told us they would come talk to us again to verify the number. It came back the same. So we have 6 little eggs. We do not know if they are mature yet or not, or if they are of good quality. Hopefully they are making embryos as I type! fingers crossed…please work…oh my….you can do it little guys!

As M wheeled back to recovery she said to everyone “My heads are in the clouds”. M had to stay in the recovery room for an hour and we had a great nurse who kept checking on us and letting us know what to expect in the next few days. She said if we get embryos we could have a 2, 3, or 5 day transfer. She said not to read into it and go with what they think is best. A 2 day can be just as healthy as a 5 day. 

As M went to go pee I waited at the door so I could help her if she fell. Our favourite nurse came back and asked how it went. I told her we got 6 eggs and she said that is average. I thought it was a bit low but we were informed that her follicle count was lower then wanted. They said they liked to see 8-10. So who knows. She did not seem to be concerned by those. She said “It only takes 1” which a lot of people have been saying to us. 

M was acting a bit funny but really tired. She kept on talking about how much she loved the drugs.. “I would do this again just for the medication”. We went down to the car but first stopped at the grocery store along the way and grabbed gatorade. That is when M told me that she could drive us home as she walked INTO a garbage can. So no… she didn’t drive home. Once we got in the car she wanted to close her eyes but was having difficulty because every time she closed her eyes she kept on seeing an Asian man on her inner eyelids that she didn’t recognize. I have NO idea what that was about. 

She is now in bed asleep and has been for the last hour and a half. We just had some really nice mormon boys come to the door asking if me and my husband wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ. Oh man… if they only knew what we had been through today! I thought asking them to pray for us would be a bit awkward…

So as of now we stand with 6 eggs. Hopefully we will get several to fertilize into embryos! 1 or 2 to freeze would be excellent as well! Positive thoughts.

We should get a fertilization update tomorrow before 5:00 pm. Good god people! Don’t you know this is torturous! Just kidding….we want those spermies to do what they need to do properly with out little eggies. 

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4 Responses to “My heads are in the clouds”

  1. Wishing you lots of fertilization luck!

  2. AndiePants says:

    Oh good luck! I’m sending many happy fertilization wishes to your eggies!

  3. Becca says:

    Pretty exciting! Hope the fertilization process goes well and you get some good updates today!

  4. Allison says:

    Six sounds wonderful! Good luck and I’ll be waiting to hear the update!
    P.S. All the (ex)mormons I know are gay!

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