Fertilization Report

So after you have your eggs extracted/retrieved they fertilize them. We chose ICSI because it was recommended  to us and we honestly thought hey, why not go all in. Basically they inject a healthy spermie into the egg. We have no idea why M did not get pregnant during out 8 IUI’s so we thought that would eliminate any concerns we had about her eggs not being able to fertilize.

Anywho…. the clinic promised a call before 5:00 pm today and they followed through with it. They called at 11:30. Thank god because waiting patiently is not really what I am good at. As soon as M’s phone rang she passed it to me and said – YOU answer.

I talked to the lab lady. She said that we got 6 eggs yesterday and that 5 were mature. They only injected spermies into the 5 mature ones and out of the 5 mature we had all 5 fertilize!

That is good news my friends. A small step along our long road but good news and I am encouraging a small bout of happiness. We have been trying to be so calm and reserved as to not get our hopes up for this whole process.

These 5 fertilized eggs still have to grow and divide. Right now they are still just one cell but the lab lady told me they all look normal so far. So that is good I guess??

She said M will be getting her transfer done on Friday and they will call us later with the time. Woohoo!

please please divide little embies. Grow strong!

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3 Responses to Fertilization Report

  1. Congratulations! Great news! Grow grow grow little embies!

  2. ivfs42 says:

    5 is great. All the best, I did 5 IUI’s then moved to IVF and fell pregnant with my first try with that. So it can happen. Good Luck 🙂

  3. Allison says:

    Yipee! Five is FANTASTIC!

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