Trigger Tonight!

M  had her ultrasound and blood work today.

Previously her Estradiol was:

Last sunday – 240

Tuesday -743

Friday – 3,000 something

Sunday (Today) – 6,319

Today they found the one big follicle on the right with a smaller one that I think measured in at 21 and 12. On the left he saw 4 at 17. I am a bit concerned as he has always seen 5 the same size so hopefully one was just missing. There are also many other smaller ones on the left side. He mentioned that the big one was probably over mature and would not make a viable embryo. I asked him what the fertilization percentage was and he said 50-60%. I then verified with him that he would not be letting us proceed if he did not think we had a chance. He said that unfortunately not all follicles have eggs in them but we are hoping to get 2-3 to fertilize. He said they will definitely take them all (drain em) to see if we can get more.

So I am hoping for all 5 to have eggs and fertilize. And then I am hoping there were about 5 more hiding follicles with mature eggs. Then hoping that they all fertilize. They hoping they are all perfect and all in all we get a healthy baby in the end. So…. wishful thinking…

M is triggering tonight and we are going in for ER (egg retrieval) Tuesday morning! Ideally from there we would hope for a 5 day transfer of 2 embryos but with our low number of follicles it is unlikely they will let us go to day 5. Obviously we wish we had better responses and many more follicles. However I have been reading that sometimes if you have a few that are the same size and growing well they could be stronger because they are not all squished up in your ovaries. Who knows though.

One positive thing – M takes her last shot tonight! Woohoo for crossing that off the list.

Funny note – M’s paperwork said after the ER do not make any important decision for the next 24 hours as you will be feeling hung over and sedated. he he he

M is feeling like she wishes she had more follicles, she is also worried she will “act a fool” on her medications in front of other people, she says she feels like it is going to hurt, and she doesn’t know what else right now because she is hungry. She also says she is glad she doesn’t have to get herself any more shots.

*this is a direct quote from her sitting on the couch as I type this.

We need all the positive thoughts we can get people! 🙂

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2 Responses to Trigger Tonight!

  1. Sending GOOD VIBES to you both!! May you have lots of great eggies this cycle!


  2. Allison says:

    Good luck today!

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