IVF injections have started!

Okay friends,


M injected herself for the first time last night. I had a strata meeting to attend which she was not impressed about. “What if I faint and die from the injection and you aren’t here to save me” Spoiler alert – she is still alive! We (her with me watching) mixed up her bravelle and menopur like a chemist and then took the plunge and stabbed herself. It took a few attempts and bravery but it got in. I was being a supportive wife by watching from around the corner while covering my ears….no idea why I was doing that it just felt like the right thing. M had no side affects besides a bruise this morning. Allthough, i felt that she was a bit testy last night… 

We go into the city for a blood test on Sunday. They will then call with our results and schedule our next blood test and ultrasound. I find it a bit strange that she will be on heavy medications for 7 days without an ultrasound as all I have read on online communities state that ladies normally go in after 3 days. 

M is feeling a bit nervous about the whole process but I think it would be strange if she was not. 

So it is looking like we will be doing injections for about 14 days and then roughly around the 15th day going in for egg retrieval. Fingers crossed this is our road to conceiving our first baby.

I am now going to attempt to post photos of the process.Image

The IVF cocktail on the kitchen table pre injection.


M finding a spot to grab onto with her skinny tummy.


A lime chaser after the shot. Get it? And yes, we had eggs for dinner last night. 🙂


Whoa I need to take a side note to express my glee with how much easier it is to update this blog on a laptop instead of the Ipad I have been using. 

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4 Responses to IVF injections have started!

  1. Becca says:

    M is very brave! I would have passed out, but you do what you gotta do in this crazy journey huh?

  2. Lex says:

    It’s nice to see you’re having fun with it 🙂

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