Day 4 of injections

This post has been failing to upload on my Ipad since yesterday… soo…

August 4th, 2013.

M is on day 4 of injections. Her 4th one will be injected tonight. The second night was the worst as she decided to just push in the medicine faster to get it over with and it left her with quite the bruise. Last night was a breeze though. She has her first bloodwork done tomorrow morning in the city at 7am. Early start for us to get all ready and on the road for the drive in. 

Our tentative schedule is looking like this

Sunday August 4th – Bloodwork

Tuesday August 6th – bloodwork and ultrasound

Thursday August 8th – bloodwork and ultrasound

Sat August 10th  – bloodwork and ultrasound

Sunday August 11th. HCG trigger

Tuesday August 13th Retrieval

Sunday August 18 – transfer

Now, this is if everything goes great. Fingers crossed this works for us. Yikes! This is all just so intense.

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