Our spermies are free

Well, now that we showed up, demanded the paperwork and paid 500 dollars.

It was fairly easy once we got to the clinic and they gave us the paperwork. I didn’t have to cause a scene – thank goodness.

So we have some dates ready now. M will finish birth control on July 28th. She will then start injecting her meds on July 31st. We have to drive to the city on August 4th for a 7:00am bloodwork and then likely go back every second day for bloodwork and ultrasounds until a (fingers crossed) successful egg retrieval.

Here is some scary information. We bought 3 days work of meds and it was 550 dollars. Holy Jesus! So wishing we had some fertility coverage through my medical right about now. We don’t though. Because in January they replaced fertility meds with Viagra. I kid you not.

I’m looking forward to updating more often now that we have the ball rolling!

I really really hope this is going to work for us.

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