Feeling Worried

I caught a cold. A regular sore through, coughy, sore neck and back, stuffy head cold. Last night I figure I should probably take my temperature to make sure it is not high. It was 100.9. Instant panic. I called our province nurse line and after 30 minutes we decided that I could take tylenol to bring down the temperature as it was safe and it is more important that the baby has a good temperature then it doesn’t have any tylenol. It seemed to go down a bit but was still around 100.1 into the night. Throughout the night it went to about 99.5 and this morning it is fluctuating between 99.2 and 99.9.

The nurse line said to go to a Dr. in the morning but because it is a long weekend that will mean walk in clinic and I really don’t want to be exposed to all those germs. I called my fertility clinic nurses line and she said to keep taking tylenol and if it doesn’t go away in a couple days to go see a Dr. (tomorrow).

I am so nervous I am doing this baby harm 😦 I want nothing more then to provide the healthiest environment for our little bud.

Any tips or advice? Did this happen to any of you? I made the huge mistake of googling and everything talks about 5 weeks danger. Before or after is fine but at 5 weeks is worst. OH GREAT! Ahh..

oh and also,
I just took my temperature. One side of my tongue is 99.1 and the other is 99.8 What the heck?
Should I be freaking out?

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1 Response to Feeling Worried

  1. seasonofbabylove says:

    Never had to deal with something like that but definitely see a doctor when you can. I hope you get better soon and everything is fine with the little one

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