Beta test

After my last beta at 14DPO the nurse said that I did not need another beta but that I could get one if I would like to. She said that if it gives me peace of mind to do it. Well I thought that maybe I would not do it as I really am not a needle fan. Well I noticed last night that boobs didn’t really feel sore anymore, this morning they didn’t feel sore at all. I felt sick to my stomach but I was thinking it was just nerves.

So I went there this morning at 7:30 as the clinic opens at 8:00. My school starts at 8:48 and it was about an 8 minute drive away. I calculated the latest I could safely stay was 8:30. I texted my teacher friend who teaches music and does not have a class until 9:00 and she said she would spot me if I was going to be a few minutes late. She is wonderful. And knows how fun blood tests are to schedule in our small town. So I get my number and I am 7. Yikes. I debated leaving but stuck it out.

I go into the room and it is a lady I have no seen before. I tell her I need to lay down and we get started. She starts looking at both arms and does not seem impressed. I’ve never been stuck more then once until today. She dug in my left arm 4 times before switching to my right hand. It hurt a lot more then usual and she told me she was sorry as she knows missing hurts a lot more. I know that she also dug around a bit in one of the spots and I have a decent bruise. Anywho… I felt more sorry for her then me. That must have been a shitty way to start the day – apologizing over and over. We finally found it on the other arm and then it was over.

Due to 2 people ahead of me not having the proper paperwork I got to get in and out before 8:20. Thankful for that. As the day went on I started to feel more and more crappy. A bit shaky from the bloodwork and a bit nervous about the results which made me feel sick. There were no results in yet by lunch time (killing me) and after lunch I took my class on a field trip. I brought my phone with me not to talk on but to check for a notification for voicemail – well and for safety reasons. I get to the destination after my class walks there and I go to check my phone – completely dead. UGH! Turns out it was so cold outside it killed my phone.

I got back to school and at the end of the day I put my frozen phone against my skin tucked under my shirt and into my pants. Desperate times call for desperate measures people. Finally it warms up and I see I have 3 voice mails from the clinic. Uh oh my heart started to race . I listened to the first one – it says no results yet. The second one says your results are in and they are all good – stop worrying! – that was our favourite nurse haha, and the third one said that my beta level at 18DPO was 1767. They said this was right and track and we are looking good. Instant relief! About 30 minutes after this news I could actually eat food again.

I know stress is not good and when I start to worry I calm myself down but sometimes I can’t help it and I worry. I am a worrier.

So as of now we are looking pregnant!

14DPO 345
18DPO 1767
doubling time of 40.75 hours

I will not be getting anymore blood work unless there is a problem. Next appt will be ultrasound on Feb 26th!

Still does not feel real yet though.

note – I normally do not have such bad grammar but on the ipad I give up on editing. Sorry!

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4 Responses to Beta test

  1. Jen says:

    Those numbers sound great! Do you think there might be more than one little bean in there?? Best of luck not stressing until your next appointment! It’ll be nice to see your little bean(s) on the ultrasound!

  2. Pops says:

    Congrats on the good beta! I’m 3 days ahead of you and know one mentioned betas to me… Hmmm. All I got was a nurse confirming I was pregnant on the phone. I’ll have to place a call in tomorrow. “what’s my beta” and “is it normal”?

  3. candice says:

    wow those are great numbers!!! I just did my second test today, waiting for the results.. at 12 dpo (from a 3dt) we are at 146. looks like we are preggy buddies!!

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