Puppy update and IUI progress

Puppy is home from the hospital and recovering! She is still wobbly on her back legs but can walk with the help of a sling. Woohoo!

We were facing a dilemma as we are supposed to be flying away for Christmas next week and our poor dog cant come as her rabies expired in August. My parents said they would take her but we felt a bit nervous about that. My mom has difficulty getting around as she has MS and my dad works. We were nervous she would be on the couch with my mom and fall off, or just have difficulty and get hurt. We have a friend who lives in our complex who has a rescue dog too who said she would watch her for us. We are thrilled! She babies animals like we do and we are very excited to be able to go see M’s family who we haven’t seen since last December.

On the TTC front.

Tuesday I went in for my day 12 follicle ultrasound and blood work. As R was just out of surgery and I had the flu I asked the receptionist to please let me do my scan first and blood after. Of course it was because I thought that at day 12 I would be so far from ovulating she would not make me get bloodwork done. BINGO! I won that battle. I had a pretty calm left ovary and a 10mm and 12mm on the right side. My RE said I would have to get bloodwork done in 2 days and she said that I could go in my hometown.

Thursday – I went to get my blood drawn in my small town and it all went well. I asked to lay down and this is the first time I have given blood and not fainted or puked. I was feeling pretty proud of myself as well as pretty lightheaded. Waiting for results. Got the call at 3:00 that the results were still not in and that I would never be able to get time concerning blood drawn locally again. Oops!

Friday – Blood results STILL not in by the morning. In the afternoon they come in and we see that we likely did not miss our window.

Saturday – Drive into the city for 8:30 follicle scan and bloodwork. Follicle scan has one the right at 22.3 and one on the left at I think 17. RE who is not my regular RE says that if it was my RE she would give me the trigger shot and send me home to come back tomorrow. He said that his research has shown that the trigger does not increase pregnancy odd’s so he doesn’t like to prescribe it. So we drove home to await blood results. Blood results came in and my LH was not at a surge yet, but my estradiol had gone up a lot since Thursday. 

Sunday (today) – Drove back in for bloodwork at 8:30. The Dr. said I could purchase the trigger shot and use it only if they called and told me to take it. The other option was to take a gamble and not purchase it (75 dollars) and if it was needed we would be good, but if it was needed we would have to drive back in. (1.5 hours each way). We decided just to buy it. They called back and said that my estradiol continued to rise and that my follicle had grown. Unfortunately my LH did not surge yet – it was actually a point less then yesterday so she said I needed to take the trigger to help my body release the follicle. Hopefully there is a good egg in it! So M had to inject me – which was not the highlight of my day. It really didn’t hurt that much, its just that she was waving a needle in front of my face and then jabbing it into me. Gross. We have an IUI scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00pm! Fingers and toes are crossed and while we are being realistic about it being our first try, we are still looking for that good luck miracle!

So now we both need to book more time off work and try to not have both our bosses mad at us! Yikes!

We are very thankful our puppy is doing well and that we have the opportunity to try to get me pregnant. 🙂 Positive thoughts all around. 


Oh! I also send of my Christmas Craft gift to the blogger I was matched too.  How exciting!


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6 Responses to Puppy update and IUI progress

  1. Allison says:

    Good luck tomorrow! I’ll have my fingers crossed for you!

  2. AndiePants says:

    What is this Christmas craft blog matching? !?

    • jennandm says:

      Andie – it is a homemade craft exchange that the lady at anofferingoflove put on. I can’t remember the exact site address now. You don’t know who has you but they are supposed to go to your site, check you out and then send something. Sign up next year!

  3. Lucy says:

    Yay!!! Wishing you so much luck!!

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