Holding our sperm hostage

Oh man,

As I have mentioned previously we decided to switch fertility clinics as ours was disbanding. We enjoyed our fertility dr as she was helpful and funny so we wanted to stick with her. Part of switching clinics included figuring out how to transfer the goods (sperm we have previously purchased).

We have phoned our old clinic several times and they won’t return our calls. The last time I spoke with them they had called us trying to lure us back in a totally unprofessional manner. We are frustrated and annoyed at home difficult they are making things.

So to eliminate any more phone tag issues we are just driving to the city tomorrow and showing up. I really hope I don’t have to cause a scene. I will if I need to though. Our favourite nurse told us if they really won’t give us our sperm that we have already paid for she will drive there and pick them up for us and put them in her own car. Wouldn’t that be funny…

M is having some issues with her birth control. Basically she isn’t enjoying then side effects. We have emailed our nurse and she ensured us it is all normal.

M may be starting injections in about 10 days and we are a bit concerned as our orientation was several months ago and we can’t really remember. Hopefully we can get some help or find a YouTube video on how to measure and complete injections. Oopsies!

Did you or anyone you know have to do injections?

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2 Responses to Holding our sperm hostage

  1. Allison says:

    I’m shocked they can do this! Also try contacting the ladies at An Offering of Love. They’ve both been through IVF. 🙂

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