So Confused! TMI and opinions wanted!

I really do not know what is going on. Am I pregnant? Am I not? Am I having a early loss?
On Friday Aug. 12th I had a 10,000iu pregnyl trigger shot at 8:30am. 1 follicle at almost 25 and a lining of 6.7mm. 

On Saturday Aug. 13th I had an IUI at 3:00pm. 

I have felt different since a couple days after IUI. I was sure something was going on and I felt the pressure cramps early on. I started trying to test my trigger out with a whack of ovulation tests I had that were expired. Yes I know….but ovulation tests read HCG as well. Just more chance of mix ups. I figured since they were going to the garbage, what could be the harm. Well I’ll tell you…mental health. So I took the ovulation tests starting at about 8 days past trigger and they were very dark. Didn’t seem to lighten up much over the next several days. At 12 days past IUI I got a dark line on a dollar store pregnancy test. So that was 13 days after trigger. Was curious why it was so dark. Woke up the next morning and took another test with FMU and it was negative (if I squint extra hard I can kinda see an evap  line). When I wiped (tmi) there was a decent amount of brown blood. I started crying. I was certain I was pregnant and now I was bleeding. I had been carrying the wiggly tantrumy 22 month old on a hike around the lake the day before. I was sure I had caused this. The spotting continued every time I wiped the whole day but instead of getting heavier it got lighter. I know it is too late for implantation bleeding. The day after at 5am 14 days past IUI I had a light positive on the pregnancy test. It was light but darker then the day before. Spotting continues all day. 5pm I take another one. Line is a bit darker than this morning. By now we are all confused and I’m still spotting. M goes to Walmart and picks up a digital. It reads 1-2 weeks pregnant. Today I am 15 days last IUI and 16 days past trigger. Very minimal spotting now. What is going on??? Could it still be trigger? With baby boy I took a digital 15 days after IUI and it said 2-3 weeks pregnant but the blood draw I had the same day came back higher then expected (early implanter). So I’m hoping 1-2 weeks pregnant is a good enough for 14 dpiui.
Ahh! So confusing. As I head back to work next week I want this to be figured out prior to the craziness of the first week of kindergarten!

Any ideas? Anyone? I understand only time will tell but what is the deal?!

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6 Responses to So Confused! TMI and opinions wanted!

  1. If the tests are getting darker you’re pregnant. Spotting is very common. If it is happening with cramps or you’re passing fresh blood/tissue then it’s more likely to be a loss. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. jennandm says:

    Not sure how this will all turn our buy you have given me hope! And calmness. 🙂 thank you.

  3. AndiePants says:

    You are definitely pregnant. Different tests pick up different concentrations of hcg, so I think that one negative was an outlier. If you’ve had consistent positives 15+ days past IUI, it’s definitely legit! And I’d agree that if the spotting is brown and not red or heavy, you’re probably good. I had brown spotting very early in my pregnancy and they said not to worry unless I had a lot of active red blood.

  4. Caitlin says:

    I agree with Andie. Definitely pregnant, just hard to say what is happening with the blood. It might be old implantation, just making its way out. I wouldn’t worry about the blood though- SO many people have spotting early on and it is totally fine. Fingers crossed to hear that your blood test shows great numbers!

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