The boy

I figured since we are 300 days from proper updates I need to show how much boy has grown. It’s truly unbelievable.  He enjoys crossing his arms and using duck face to say NO when he is not impressed. He loves animals and will lay flat on the ground to get a better look when he sees an ant or bug. His favourite food (which is amazing becuase he basically never eats) is peanut butter balls. Oatmeal and peanut butter with a bit of honey.  He does not sleep through the night yet but does stay in his own room. He is obsessed with balls and is quite athletic. He has since 19 months old been able to hit a soft baseball in the air with a bat. He can hit a golf ball about ten feet and throw a football pretty far. He REALLY wants to be able to throw the basketball into the adult sized hoop. He has just figured out how to steal the hose and spray us with it…. He is feisty, fiercely independant and hilarious. One of his favourite sayings is  “no mamma my” when he doesn’t want our help. We just love him so very much. 


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