IUI later today

Well yesterday I went to my RE for a second follicle scan this month. First one was on day 12 and I had one larger follicle at 15 and many other too small to measure ones. We came back yesterday at day 15 and I had one big follicle at 24.5 and was given a trigger shot. I am happy with the follicle size and timing of trigger to IUI. We are scheduled 30 hours later which is how we had success with our boy! I am not happy that for some reason my lining was only 6.69mm as previously it has been around 10-11. The doctor didn’t say it was a concern but it’s been on my mind. These IUI and donor sperms are big $$$$$ and I want to make sure we have a chance! 

So we will be driving into the city for IUI try #1 of getting boo a sibling. Deep breathes, deep breathes. 

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