8 weeks old

I have been a terrible blogger which is nothing new. I check my wordpress app daily and read everyone else’s stories. I could excuse my lameness with the business of a new baby but it is not really the reason I haven’t updated. I just haven’t.

So a lot has happened in the last month but I can’t remember what it is. I am not sleep deprived but we are tired. I was floating on happiness/adrenaline/coffee for the first 6 weeks or so. While I am still very much happy and in love, I can feel tired now. For the first 6 weeks we told everyone, “this is so easy” “We sleep great” and we thought it was true, it has just caught up with us now. The tired isn’t how I imagined. I just feel a bit sluggish nothing major.

Having a baby is really fun. He is almost 2 months old (in a few days) and has a personality. He is full of smiles when you talk to him and quick to cry if he is hungry. He can go from smiles to a hunger scream in 5 seconds, it really is amazing. He is generally happy and really likes to fight sleep. Our usual routine is bed around 9:30 – 10:00 and he usually fights sleep until 11:30. It sounds sad but usually we have to restrain him by holding down his arms and then he will fade off. It is not unusual for him to be in his co sleeper (best invention ever) and silent except for a swooshing sound. When we look over he is turning his head side to side with a giant smile on his face. I am pretty sure he is saying (HA HA you thought I was sleeping). After he falls asleep he usually will sleep for 3 hours then wake up for a diaper change and feed. So up at 2:30 back down at 3:00. Then up at 5:00, feed and change, down at 5:30. Up again around 7:30 for the day. He has actually stayed awake the whole day before. It was terrible, I tried to put him to sleep for the whole day, He just fought it so bad. Usually he will go back to sleep around 9 or 10 for between 2 and 3 hours and sometimes an afternoon nap as well.

Big news in our house this week is that he finally has been able to take a soother. This is huge! He usually uses me as a soother to fall asleep then as soon as I adjust him slightly he is up again.

I am exclusively breast feeding and have pumped a couple times. He took the bottle the first time which was great but he did not eat much. We used it for a couple nights to feed him in his co sleeper to doze him off and that was nice. It was also nice for M to be able to feed him for the first time.

He is so very adorable and we are the annoying parents who can’t stop talking about how cute his eyeballs and toes are. When he gets out of the bath his hair springs into curls like mine and during the day it sticks straight up like Kramer.

We are travelling to Phoenix for Christmas and he will get to meet the other half of his family. Poor us having to spend the holidays in the sun. I am less nervous of the plane ride now, and really just hope it doesn’t hurt his little ears. My plan is to nurse during take off and landing, and any time he cries. No matter how upset he is he will always take the boob.

I sent off my holiday craft exchange this morning and it was a weird thing. The blog I am matched with are struggling with pregnancy like we were last year at this time. I have not forgotten how hard it had been for us to achieve our pregnancy but I also want everyone to know there is hope. It is amazing how fast our lives have changed.

Baby boy still has a fast respiratory rate and we are still seeing a paediatrician. He has had 2 chest x-rays, 2 ECG’s, an echocardiogram, and several blood tests. The results are all the same – nothing abnormal. Our paediatrician told us to see our doctor in a couple weeks (Which was yesterday) and if he still had a fast rate to come see him in the new year and if not, cancel our appointment. Unfortunately his rate was still quite high. He breathes quick and shallow but does not struggle. The consensus was to see the paediatrician again and our doctor said he will likely discharge us. We have stopped panicking about it, but would like to see it clear up. There is no reason he is doing it and all the reasons that could cause it have been ruled out. The doctor feels it is because he is immature (young) and it should fix itself as he matures.

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season. Here are some photos of our love! 🙂

Newborn photo!

First time breastfeeding 2 hours after birth. And the closest I’ll ever get to appearing on this blog 😉

The hair springs curls when wet

All smiles at his baby shower

First Santa Photo!

His 6 week photo

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7 Responses to 8 weeks old

  1. ladyladybaby says:

    What a little cutie!!

  2. Allison says:

    He’s a beautiful baby.
    Do you swaddle him? A (tight) swaddle was ESSENTIAL for getting both our kids to sleep. Babywearing was also wonderful. Unfortunately in our experience the tired doesn’t go away. 😦

  3. Caitlin says:

    I love those curls!!!

  4. Pops says:

    he is gorgeous! I’ve been a horrible blogger as well since our little man joined us! Hope things are well on your end!

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