40 weeks 6 days

Today I went to my midwife appointment. I was planning on asking her what we could do in the way of a check or sweep as I have never had any of that done yet. So we get to the office and chat about how things are going. She says she can do a sweep if baby is low enough if not it will just hurt and it’s not ready. So first she checks the measurement and says….well I feel babies head up high. Ugh strike one…. After she takes me blood pressure and pulse, and babies heart rate. All are good. Then she asks if I still want to be checked and I said yes. She does her thing and I tell her it hurts and she takes her hand out. Then she stops and I asked if she could feel anything and she said no I stopped when it hurt. I told her I would be braver so she tried again and got further up….honestly you guys…..this is not awesome. She then told me baby was too high to do a sweep and my cervix was completely closed. Completely! She said my cervix was soft though. So that was strike two and three.

So after this we talked about how on Monday (10 days over) we have an ultrasound and non stress test scheduled. She said our options were to do those two things and get checked again. She said then we could chose to be induced with cervadil or wait it out. At 12 days passed if we are not interested in induction we can have a herbal cocktail to induce labour. So it seems like we have a decision to make. She did say that I could go in to Labour tonight but I know she was just being nice. I asked her if it is extremely likely we will be going to the Monday appt and she said yes….

So there we have it folks. Monday we can chose to medically induce or wait. Now I said I always wanted to avoid induction but now that we are over and facing an expanding belly every day…. I just don’t know what we will chose. I think of my body has shown no change by 10 days over, it obviously is not working the way we had hoped it would.

Ahh what to do. I want to meet our little one!

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9 Responses to 40 weeks 6 days

  1. Have you tried pressure points, acupuncture, or anything like that? (HI! Just stumbled upon your blog)

  2. I had a pedicure about 17 hrs before my water broke. I could swear when the woman massaged my pinkie toes that something would happen. Good luck!!

  3. DeCaf says:

    Just because you said you wanted it a particular way before doesn’t mean you need to stick with it if you want to change your mind.

    • jennandm says:

      That is true. My real thought is that if I am going to end up with a c section anyways, I would rather it juts be scheduled and not an emergency. I wish I had some statistics on people in my situation and induction success. A lot to think about.

  4. AndiePants says:

    I was really hoping your post would be about labor, because I (not so) secretly wanted your babe born on my b-day! I’m so sorry things aren’t panning out as planned. Could you ask your midwife about stats around induction, c-section, size, etc. to help you make a decision? I’m hoping you can successfully evict baby B ASAP!

  5. Allison says:

    Induction doesn’t necessarily mean a c-section… nor does natural labour mean a vaginal birth. Jen was induced and delivered The Bean vaginally, I went into labour on my own and had a c-section. What happens, happens. And either way you will have your baby. đŸ˜‰

    Walk A LOT this weekend. Try the acupuncture and massage and all the other things that are suggested (spicy food, castor oil, etc. etc.). You never know what changes there could be before Monday. Try to enjoy these last few days of your pregnancy even though you are so anxious to meet this little one.

    You’re almost there.

  6. Becca says:

    One of my friends was induced successfully with cervadil, I think she went into labor after 24 hours. She didn’t need any other interventions. Everything is so variable though. I swear by bouncing on a birthing ball for a few hours every day. I think it made him drop further.

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