36 (+5) weeks

How Far Along: 36 weeks and 5 days. 23 days until due date.

How Big is Baby: Baby is now the size of a large cantaloupe. Average size is 19 inches and 6 pounds.

Gender: I still can’t tell you… we are keeping it a secret! From everyone. Except for each other.

Baby’s Milestones This Week: gaining .5 pounds a week, getting fatter,

Total Weight Gain: 23 pounds. Yikes!

Who We’ve Told About the Pregnancy: No one is in the dark

Maternity Clothes: Yes and now skirts, moo-moo’s (kidding)

Stretch Marks: No new marks yet

Sleep: not wonderful

Best Moment of the Week: getting our car seat and stroller in the mail. Woohoo this is real now! We also finished the nursery last weekend. I’ll have to post photos later.

Food Cravings: Not really any specific cravings. I still like chocolate…

Food Aversions: none.

Symptoms: a ton of movement. Baby was head down and laying sideways, then head down spine on my spine, then back to sideways, so who knows what he or she is doing now. I can feel the head which is neat and creepy.

Labor Signs: No, but I would begin to welcome them in a couple weeks. I just don’t know how it is going to fit out…

Belly Button In or Out: In, so I bet it is staying in. It is a bit more tight them before and resembles a star.

Wedding Rings On or Off: Off, which I actually feel sad about. I did not want to have to take it off ever.

Mood: good! I haven’t had any mood swings. M can verify that!

Movement: a ton!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Getting back to work on Monday!

What I Miss: Wine!

My job – Teachers in B.C. have been on strike since mid june, and rotating strike since may. This means I have not had a pay check since early June. We have been out all month picketing and finally, finally today we have a deal that we will be voting on tomorrow. If the vote is a yes then we can get back to work. It better be a yes….. Anyways, some people might think I am crazy but if we go back monday and I work on my due date I can get 3 weeks of work in before I take the year off. In addition M and I have had some discussions about splitting mat leave. I take off October – June or July, and she takes off July – October and I go back to work in September. That way we could have a bit of the summer off together. Honestly, that is what we would do if I hadn’t missed these months of pay. I have no idea how we will make our mortgage and put away a savings to have the summer off together. And pay for a baby. Oh well, it all has to work out! Also, mat leave is currently back logged to 8 weeks before it gets reviewed. Yikes, that is another 2 months with no pay. Should fall right at Christmas…. Lucky.

We went for our 35 week scan to check the heart. All came back clear. We got a very cute photo of baby waving. I will post it below. Cute right? 🙂

We are getting a bit more excited. It is a very strange thing to have something growing in your belly that you can’t see…


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6 Responses to 36 (+5) weeks

  1. jennandm says:

    Oh man,where is my damn photo!

  2. AndiePants says:

    Holy sh*tballs! I can’t believe you’re so close! I see the picture!!

  3. DeCaf says:

    Just a few more weeks! That really sucks about the job stuff.

  4. Allison says:

    Ugh. I hope that the strike ends soon. Having time off together would be so nice for all of you.
    Also, I know you already know, but I’m going to say a BOY with gorgeous lips! 🙂

  5. Becca says:

    Yay it’s been a while since you posted! You are so close now, wow! Glad things were clear with your scan.

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