Baby living the life!

So this last weekend baby got to go to two massive concerts. Both for free. We lucked out. Someone passed along free tickets to lady gaga as they had won them and couldn’t attend the rescheduled date. It was good. Nothing amazing, nothing terrible. To be honest, the last big concert we went to before was pink and it is just so hard for other artists to compare. I want to go to pink again and again. It was just such an amazing concert. Anyways, back to lady gaga. We were thankful the free tickets were seated as general admission was nuts!

The next night we got passed along wristbands to the Sunday festival in a small town near Vancouver where eminem was headlining. Passes to the concert were 350 each so that was out of the question. Our two friends couldn’t make it so we used their passes. It was really fun to be 35,000 other people. And a mega flashback to high school for me. We really only saw arctic monkeys and eminem as we didn’t want to stand too long. It was fun though. I was amazed at how many people had their babies there with headphones. Who knows, maybe next year we will have to bring ours…

I really want to start posting photos of my belly but need this to be private for work reasons. I might start password protecting some posts soon. I know it makes me feel like I know you all more when I can see photos.

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2 Responses to Baby living the life!

  1. You got my vote for belly pics! And free concerts!?! Ummm, yes please!

  2. jennandm says:

    Yes I agree, especially since we would not have paid to go to those concerts. It was nice to have fun. đŸ™‚

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