I hate to complain…

But this pregnancy thing has gone from amazing to kicking my butt! Today we are 32 weeks and hopefully under 8 weeks from meeting out little girl or guy. Some of the new parts of pregnancy introduced this week is tingly fingers that have turned into full on numb/tingly hands. My Midwife said it was carpal tunnel and will likely go away after delivery. You know how annoying it is when you wake up on your arm and you have to wait for it to un tingle? Well this will not go away. I went to the chiro yesterday to fix up my lower back and she did some magic on my neck. Today I had a massage to work on my TMJ and she did some stuff in my armpit and chest to help relieve the pressure in my arms and hands. Tuesday I have acupuncture scheduled, so we will see if any of this helps!

Another new thing that happened just last night was when my top tummy got super rock hard and I felt like I had caught the flu. I ran to the bathroom only to not throw up but to get sweaty and chilly all at once. I decided that it would be best to hop in the shower after about an hour and then I slowly got better. I swear I can notice my stomach is bigger today and I am wondering if it was a growth spurt. Baby moved throughout and after so I did not panic.

One of the notes on my 20 week ultrasound was that they could not get a specific view of the heart. All the other views came back normal so there was no concern. However, I felt a bit uneasy and asked my midwife this week if she thought we should do another one. She said we could and sent off the form. They called today and scheduled us in for September 2nd when we will be 34.5 weeks. Hopefully this lady will let us see the baby a bit more. I hope it is cute! 🙂

8 weeks to go! or maybe 9 or 10…

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2 Responses to I hate to complain…

  1. DeCaf says:

    My mom wore wrist things (bowling support things I think?) when she was pregnant to help with the carpal tunnel. They held her wrists at the right angle and helped.

  2. Allison says:

    I had CP when I was pregnant. It was annoying and uncomfortable. It did, fortunately, go away a few weeks after Sprout was born.

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