26 Weeks!

How Far Along: 26 weeks

How Big is Baby: Baby is now the size of an Eggplant and the length of green onions

Gender: I still can’t tell you… we are keeping it a secret! From everyone. Except for each other.

Baby’s Milestones This Week: Baby can now open and close their eyes.

Total Weight Gain: 14 pounds as of today. Which I guess isn’t that bad since 4 weeks ago it was 10. So 1 pound a week. Hmm. 14 weeks to go.

Who We’ve Told About the Pregnancy: No one is in the dark

Maternity Clothes: I am now in maternity clothes or dresser/skirts. I really do not want to buy too many clothes. In a week we are heading to the U.S. of A. and clothes are much cheaper there so I will probably buy a bit more.

Stretch Marks: No new marks yet

Sleep:Sleep has always sucked for me. Now it sucks even more. I try to sleep on my side and I wake up with sore neck and shoulders. I just can’t quite figure it out yet.

Best Moment of the Week: When I scared the baby with the blender. I make smoothies quite often but had fallen of the wagon for about 4 days. When I turned on the blender yesterday it jumped and started kicking me. M said it was mean – I thought it was hilarious. Another great time is quite often when I haven’t felt the baby kick for a while I will say High 5 and put my hand on my belly. I would say the baby has about a 50% response rate and high 5ing me back. Pretty awesome baby.

Food Cravings: Nothing major except for there was this commercial for KFC that had these fries in them that look like railway tracks. M said they are called waffle fries. In the interior of B.C. they have a restaurant that sells these with cheddar cheese and green onions on top with a yellow sauce for dipping. They are called Pachos. I haven’t had them in many years. I want them so badly. I wish I could have a whole plate full. Problem is that the restaurant is 5 hours away. So I found out something. You cannot recreate them. Also, no grocery store in my town sells those fries. I still want them. Ugh it is so sad.

Food Aversions: none, but I made fish for dinner last week and I swear I can still smell it.

Symptoms: Feeling huge

Labor Signs: No!

Belly Button In or Out: Still in. I No longer wish for it to pop out. I don’t think it is as cute as I fist thought it would be.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On – which is great because today is our 5th wedding anniversary!

Mood: I am always in a pretty good mood. I am now officially off work for the summer. I am watching our good friends child for a few days a week and generally working at M’s work the other days. We are trying to catch up on bills from the missed wages in May and June due to our B.C. teacher strike.

Movement: Lots! This is the biggest change. The little monkey kicks all the time. M can feel it daily. I have been woken up 3 or 4 times and it kicks for about 30 minutes.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Pushing it out. Just kidding! After pushing it out. I don’t know if I am looking forward to this but I really want to know what it’s little face looks like. I find it very weird that I have NO idea what it will look like. M assures me it will be cute, but I jus think it’s so surreal.

What I Miss: Nothing this week.

Nesting: This week we bought our baby dresser and M set it up. Things are starting to come together.

In other news, as I mentioned earlier today is our 5 year wedding anniversary. We are so old now! I waiver between feeling very old at 30 and thinking about how lucky I was to know who I wanted to marry and get married at 25. We have no big plans as the weather has turned a bit rainy. Maybe a nice dinner and movie. We are so Canadian we got married on the 4th of July.

A big concern I have had is obtaining a teaching job (Every year I am temporary) while I am due in early October. I would essentially only be able to work the month of September or less if my Dr. took me off early which seems to happen a lot in elementary school. I went to a few interviews and someone else with more experience got the job. One time I know I was completely equal but they decided on the other candidate. I know my pregnancy and obvious belly played into this. But there is nothing I could do since we are equal. However, last weekend I did get a part time job at my current school. It will be enough to keep my medical for the next year which is what my main goal was. Also, if any other positions come up I can still apply for them and hope for full time. Being a kindergarten teacher and knowing kindergarten parents, unless the family already knows me or likes me, it would be a hard sell starting 8 months pregnant. No one wants their kids first experience in school to be changed for a mat leave.

M and I are heading to Phoenix next Saturday the 12th. Woohoo! I am slightly concerned about the heat but we are going to stay with her parents and they have air conditioning and a pool. We

found the cheapest flights! For both of us there and back and direct flights came to under 400 dollars. Thats under 200 each, or under 100 a flight. We are in a hard spot thought. We have no money but know buying baby stuff will be much cheaper there. Oh the drama!

I will leave you with a photo of my dreams… Pachos…

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2 Responses to 26 Weeks!

  1. DeCaf says:

    This year (in August) is our fifth anniversary too. We’re not the same age though, my wife turns 30 in this coming March.

    It sounds like pregnancy is going well for you. 🙂 I’d be surprised if at 26 weeks you were keeping anyone in the dark about it.

  2. Shauna says:

    Oh my gosh, I know exactly what you mean about wanting to know what their little face will look like! We are still tossing up whether we will get one of those 4D scans later in the pregnancy. It would be interesting to see but at the same time those scans sometimes freak me out.

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