First ultrasound

Today is 7weeks 5 days since my IUI. We had our first midwife appointment yesterday (you have to get in early or you are out of luck in our small town). It was really just to chat about what a midwife does and answer any of our questions.

Today was our first ultrasound at our fertility clinic with our wonderful fertility doctor. I was so nervous I was shaking. Lately I have been feeling a lot crappier – like an all day mild hangover or the end of flu that won’t leave. So I was trying to tell myself it was all good. I still had major concerns. I’m not sure if I was concerned about the fever I had or if it was more that after 3 years of trying I couldn’t believe it could possibly be true.

Our doctor came to get us in the waiting room before our 9am appointment and took us to the ultrasound room. It was a go inside ultrasound not a tummy ultrasound which I knew about and was prepared for. Same as all my follicle scans. She put the wand it and I couldn’t even look. I started reading a note on the wall over and over until she said “this looks very good” or I think that’s what she said. It’s a blur from my nervousness. M listened much better then me.
This is what I do remember
– heartbeat was very strong at 159 (her words)
– measuring perfect for my schedule – which is 1 day behind IUI which makes sense as ovulation occurred after IUI
– it looks completely normal and perfect
– I have been released to my midwife unless an emergency situation comes up
– my body feels lighter now as the stress has lifted. I know we are not in the clear but hearing a heartbeat and getting little blob/cocoon pictures feels good. 🙂

Next appointment in end of March with my midwife. Only thing between then and now is bloodwork bloodwork bloodwork!


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3 Responses to First ultrasound

  1. Allison says:

    Yay for little baby blobs!

  2. Sally says:

    That is a great hb! Fingers crossed that the next few weeks go fast and you can start to relax.

  3. candice says:

    thats awesome!! And a midwife!
    I have a bit of a cold too, coughing and lotsa snot, but its getting better. I was lucky to get a midwife as well. My first group appointment (like you) the 20th, then my midwife in april. Our clinic also does a 7 week ultrasound.

    Enjoy the pregnancy because it goes by fast!!

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