15 DPO

Here is the latest update

I am currently 15 DPO.

After I wrote my last post I called my fertility clinic and asked our favourite nurse if I should be going in for an HCG test before Tuesday. She said yes as she was interested and send me the requisition via email right away. I was at school for a PRO -D day so I could not leave and go get the test done until lunch. I had to get M to come pick me up at noon and drive me (re history of fainting) and we didn’t have to wait too long. I was back at work around 12:30. The nurse who took my blood said that they process the results in house and my Dr. should have my results within 1 hour. WHAT? Shit just got real. I sent my nurse a message on the portal as she asked me to let her know when I got my blood taken. She said she kept looking but it never showed up. The office closed at 4:00 and at 3:51 there were still no results in. She said I would have to wait until tomorrow to see if they came in. Talk about playing the waiting game.

Last month I refused to get my blood taken or take a pregnancy test as I was far too wimpy. This month with all my acupuncture and physio and chiro appointments I kinda wanted to know the results sooner to cater my treatments. So I took the plunge and got the blood taken.

The nurse called back at 3:59 – no kidding. She said she had the results. Ahhh – so scary. This time no need for tears though. My beta came back at 345 at 14DPO. She said it was a bit higher then she would have expected but that I did not need to get a second beta test, just an ultrasound at 8 weeks.

We are being cautiously optimistic and balancing getting really excited and being realistic. But as of right now there is a poppy seed baby in my belly!

Some of my symptoms include
– sore sore lower back
– pressure cramps in belly
– M is forcing me to write this – burping a lot
– a more then usually cuddly dog (not sure if this is related but I noticed about a week ago she was cuddling up to me a bit more then usual)
– fever like feeling that comes in waves
– slight light headed or dizziness
– side ache/stitch
– upset tummy

After I hung up with the nurse I went on with my day and then an hour later another nurse called me. Cue the loud heart beat – Oh god, did they mix me up with someone. Nope, she just didn’t know our favourite nurse had snuck the results and called me. She scheduled me in for an ultrasound on February 28th. She said my number looked good but a bit high and that could mean two. I only had one follicle so I am thinking the chances of that are slim. I am hoping that the high number does not mean anything else.

We are staying positive and putting out all positive thoughts into the universe. We have been trying for more then 2 years and are so excited that we have gotten this far finally! Please please keep growing little one.

If anyone cares here is how my testing went down. On Thursday after work I took a OPK kinda for fun. It came up with a smiley face which I knew could be a good sign. Then we went to the dollar store to get a whole wack of them. The first one I thought was negative so If you can’t read my writing the top test was done at 13DPO 6:00 pm after holding my urine for 45 minutes. The line showed up after a minute or so but was quite faint. The second test was at 9:00 pm that night after holding my urine for 3 hours. The third test was yesterday morning with FMU at 6am – 14 DPO and the next one I took when they didn’t call me back after the blood test so it was 14DPO at 3pm. And finally after the beta I told M I wanted to splurge and get a digital one and I took this this morning at 4:00 am at 15DPO.

These are my crazy tests.


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8 Responses to 15 DPO

  1. Becca says:

    Wahoo! You did it! So awesome, congratulations!

  2. Allison says:

    J!! You’re going to be a mama!! (Of twins?!)

  3. Jen says:

    That’s awesome! Congratulations!

  4. Pops says:

    Congrats!!! How exciting!!! Maybe twins!

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