Update and Holiday Craft Exchange

Hello 2014! While we didn’t have the best entry (re BFN on the IUI) I am hoping we can move forward and make the next time work. Besides, I can’t imagine 2013 wanting to give us the joy of conceiving in.

We got our craft exchange in the mail this morning. It came all the way from Texas! The ladies over at babymamasdrama.blogspot.com sent us a very cute package with yummy yummy candy, a Christmas cd and a mix cd. When we got home after going to the post office we put on the mix cd. The first song was “Safe and Sound” which instantly made me feel happy and M said “I love that song”. I even started dancing a bit (which is amazing considering the sad state I am in today). So Thank you! I am trying to send you a message but can’t find contact information on your site, so if you are reading this please send me a message on my blog!


In other news, our baby dog is doing quite well. She is not back to being her regular self, but we are adjusting to the new dog she is. She can walk again which is amazing, but is a bit wobbly on her back legs. While on walks and playing with her she seems her normal self, it is the time when she is laying down that she looks so sad that breaks our heart. She was the outgoing and active one of the two pups so she has now been knocked back quite a bit. While her surgery was expensive we are thankful that we had access to the funds required to let her try to get better. Cute little one she is.

We spend the holidays in Phoenix at M’s parents house. We got to hang out with our 2 nephews, her mom and step-dad and sister. Her sister has 2 brand new puppies so that was fun. One was so tiny we lovingly nick named it “bot” as it was too hard to believe it was a real dog being as small as it was. We had a great Christmas and right now I am updated from my brand new ipad! 🙂 We got to go bowling and to the phoenix zoo light show and did a good amount of shopping (Mostly for M this time). The only thing I would change is to slow down time so that we could have spend more time relaxing outside in the sunshine.

A note – Ifeel a bit dumb having our blog name include the word moms but I still am holding out hope that one day we will get to blog about our family, and this will seem like a small step in our lives.

Now back to real life!
I hope everyone has a better 2014!

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3 Responses to Update and Holiday Craft Exchange

  1. Liz says:

    I’m so glad our package finally got to you! I’m glad you liked it! Happy new year and I hope 2014 is a better year for all of us!

  2. jennandm says:

    Thank you Liz and family. The package was great. 🙂 do you share recipes?
    Not many people I know had a good 2013 so 2014 must be better! I haven’t had much time to back read your blog but from what I did see it looks like you guys had a very trying and scary 2013. Positive thoughts your way! 🙂

  3. Allison says:

    Hoping this year will be better than the last! (For us all!)

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