2013 was NOT our year

Well 2013 was a bust for us. I am going to make a new post but don’t want all this negativity bringing it down. Here are some of the challenges we faced.

– coming to terms that IUI’s were not going to work for M
– having to face IVF
– try to save money for IVF when we knew 15,000 was completely out of our reach to save
– going through the stresses of an IVF cycle
– had to cancel our summer vacation plans as IVF got delayed
– getting a negative pregnancy test after IVF (this can still bring me to tears. I somehow can’t get over how unfair this is to M. Even last month the nurse told us – you girls really just had bad luck).
– our baby dog got freaking paralyzed out of no where at the age of 2. That capped out our line of credit
– our best friends father got sick and passed away
– many friends and family members had very difficult years as well

And here it is, just some icing on the cake…
– My first IUI ended in a Big Fat Negative this morning. My period was even 3 days late – how kind of it to keep our hopes up like that. :(. M thinks I am being a bit overdramatic as it was my first try but I can’t help but think that with clomid, a trigger shot and monitoring that if it didn’t work, how can we have hope for next time?

So please please please 2014 be good to us. I know many people had many more problems then we did and I should be thankful for what we have but we are so very ready for our family to grow.

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