Time goes by so slowly

I feel like I should become Grey’s Anatomy and start labelling all my posts in song title. It seems like they used a whole seasons worth of Tegan and Sara song titles too. 

Anyways…nothing new here to report except for that with the help of the long weekend my first term report cards are complete! Still need to get the principals approval but Thank God I’m done. I always struggle to write reports because I want them to accurately reflect where the student is at but also please the parents. I find myself rewording each sentence to find the balance of this. As teachers my colleagues know what “report talk” means. If you write that a student “has great confidence and is developing strategies to work alongside their peers” it means that the kid thinks they are great and needs to tone it down a bit to be tolerable to their classmates. But will parents understand that? I am always worried that some parents will read the reports and become upset with their child. We are all on a learning continuum here. 

All in all, I work with the kids 6 hours a day (even less if you include their recess and lunch break) and parents spend 18 hours with them a day. I know way less then the parents do but I am responsible to rate their children against the rest. Not all kids learn the same way so how is this fair. Its amazing what 5 hours a day teaches you about each student. I love my class!

My SD has developed a new report card template that involves more areas of growth. We have a self regulation section and a learning competencies section. This report took a lot more time but provides better results. If I was a parent I would want to know if my child creates their own opinions and applies learned knowledge to new situations instead of only knowing their letter grade.

Our district is even looking into templating a no grade report card all the way up to grade 10. Shocker! Wonder if the parents will let that one fly. I hope so!

On the TTC front – nothing. Still waiting to make an appt to meet with my RE to get the HSG results and see if we can start IUI’s. Hoping to get this show on the road!

Everyone else in blog land seems to have a much more exciting life then me. 


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2 Responses to Time goes by so slowly

  1. Allison says:

    I hated writing reports too. Ours were solely anecdotal for kindergarten and took forever, of course, like you, I wrote comments that were very specific to each child and really struggled with wording things in an accurate, yet gentle way (it was kindergarten after all!).

    Keep us updated on the TTC front. 🙂

    • jennandm says:

      I got my reports back from the proofread. I had to change 1 thing. Apparently using “infections” is frowned upon. Oops! That must have been an oversight on my tired eyes!

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