HSG Complete!

So today I had to leave work at lunch and drive into the city for the dreaded HSG test. I was feeling a bit nervous but more just not pleased that I had to go through the test. I told M I was excited to get it over with.

If anyone is interested, here is what went down. If you are not interested STOP READING NOW!

I got to the clinic at 1:25 and they had me go back and pee. Then a nurse came and got me and took me through the hall to the washroom. She locked the door and told me to change into a hospital gown with short sleeves (which I found weird at the time).  I then had get onto what can only be described as an 1970s rocket ship. It was a giant table with a metal device attached to the ceiling. While I don’t consider myself to be snobby or in need of high class arrangements, this place was a bit ridiculous and I may sound obnoxious complaining.

I then had to get to the end of the table and put my feet up. The nurse then came and pulled my socks OFF my heels and explained that since the don’t have stirrups my legs could slip. Last I checked stirrups were not that expensive… So then they tell me that I need to lay down, but I need to be careful because if I don’t duck and turn I will hit my head on the machine. Okay so then I am laying down with my legs stirrupless on the table. He then explains what he is going to do. He said he is going to put in a speculum. I’m thinking – okay I can handle this. I do fine with pap tests. WRONG! He basically SHOVED the tool in and I actually said out loud OUCH!. To which he did not respond. I thought he might have been slightly deaf so as he kept shoving I realised that he had pinched something and it was not getting better. I politely said ” I am sorry for complaining but I have had speculums used on me before and it never hurt like this. This is really bad” to which he said  “I am going to rinse now”. UHHHH Hello??? The nurse was holding onto me knee and I knew she had done this before!

I realised that he was not going to consider eliminating my pain or even admit that he heard me. I describe the pain as minimally unbearable. It wasn’t so unbearable that I got up and left but I could not have handle it for more then a couple minutes. He then said he was going to enter the dye (yup that didn’t even happen yet) and I would feel a sharp pain and then cramps and pressure. Well the good news is that I really didn’t feel a sharp pain or cramps that were anything but minor. After he put the dye in, get this – he then ask me to scoot to the other end of the table so that he could get xrays taken. Okay Doctor. Let me shimmy up on my back across a table with a speculum and a cervix filled with dye. I honestly cannot believe that they couldn’t figure out a way to have you stay in one spot for the procedure. Come on!

He took the X-rays and at one point he told me I had to turn one way. He then took out the speculum (What?? I don’t have to do a cartwheel across the room before you will take it out?) and I felt pretty normal. The nurse said I had to lay down for 5 minutes and then go get dressed. I left 1at 1:53 The only reaction I have been having is really minor cramping and a headache. I am used to period cramps and only wish this is all they normally were.

Looking back on my experience I feel more frustrated now then I did at the time. The Dr. completing this test should have shown a bit more compassion. When someone tells you what you are doing to their vagina hurts you need to at least pretend to listen. Not only did he not try to solve the problem, he just kept talking as if I wasn’t even in the room.  I cannot even imagine what this procedure would have been like for someone who suffered from sexual abuse. When M had hers done she had a very similar experience. She told him the speculum was hurting her and it was cutting something and he just ignored her. She even had bleeding. I am glad that I have not had many experiences like this. Reason number 3452624 to look into getting a midwife if I ever get pregnant. 

All in all the actual HSG procedure caused no pain and was pretty quick. I am pissed because I think he caused unnecessary pain by shoving in a speculum and not being careful! Don’t Dr.’s take a course on compassion? Sheesh!

Now we are awaiting results. All my blood results are back and as far as Dr. Google can tell, I am looking fairly normal. Hopefully onto IUI’s within the next few months!

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5 Responses to HSG Complete!

  1. Allison says:

    He sounds AWFUL. Can you file a complaint? Seriously, my procedures were never comfortable, but they weren’t anywhere near unbearable either.

  2. jennandm says:

    I’m not sure about the complaint process. After M’s we mentioned to our fertility clinic that it was not particularly pleasant and that the Dr. did not have great communication. The head nurse told us that they knew he did not have the best bedside manner but he had the best results so they stayed with him. I’m just a bit annoyed because I believe all my pain was caused from something that didn’t have to happen (not part of the procedure). I am a bit mouthy so I will probably mention it to my RE the next time I see her. 🙂

    Did you have a HSG?

  3. Becca says:

    That is awful Jenna! I don’t understand how docs think they can get away with treating patients like they aren’t human. Usually gyns have decent bedside manner, guess that doesn’t translate to REs.

  4. Molly says:

    Just reading about it hurts. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that.

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