Moving Forward

So not much is new here. We are in the un fun stages of obtaining test results and waiting to be able to get started.

I ended up getting my period last Friday morning and thought 3 day blood work would be difficult on a Sunday. I contacted my fertility office and they said I could go on day 2 or 4 and since I am a big wimp I wanted to get it done STAT.  I went to the hospital where they do the blood work in this small town on Saturday. I warned the lady that I needed to lay down and when they called me in they told me to sit in the chair. I bravely told her no thank you, I need to lay down – I have a history of fainting after giving blood (it happened once). So she let me go onto the stretcher. Haha. Then she said “what arm did we use last time” and I said “I have no idea but I am right handed so it is likely my left”. She then looked at me like I was a child (29 years old mind you) and said “WHAT arm did we use last time” and I said “I just told you I have no idea. It was over two years ago!”. What a jerk I am getting all snippy but really…. I despise being spoken to like I am an idiot. Anyways… She said my vein was too little so she had to use a mini needle. She kept saying…”Don’t pull away, Don’t panic, Don’t flap your arms” and I felt like saying – Lady! I am not a child- I just might faint! So she puts the needle in and tells me what a good girl I am being (really!). After the 4th vial I could tell I was starting to not feel so great. I felt a bit cold but my forehead was getting wet. She told me to hold on and I tried so very hard not to get sick during and right when she pulled out the needle I started throwing up. I have NO idea why this happens to me. I feel fine, I don’t panic with the needle or worry about it hurting, it is just a disgusting feeling where I know I am going to throw up and I start to feel extremely light headed. The nurse told me it was not really normal but it has happened to other people. They had to take 9 vials so who knows if that impacted it. I also had to fast. Oh well, I hope it goes away someday because it is quite embarrassing. 

The cool thing with out clinic is that they have an online portal where you get all your results. So I actually logged on and saw all my blood results. Which is great, but I really wish they would post “normal” levels so you don’t feel like you have to reach out to Dr. Google for information. One of my results TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) was extremely low. Like so low it was unmeasurable. When I googled it, it said that it could mean Graves disease or coincide with serious wait loss and an inability to put on any wait… So we can cancel one of those out right away. I definitely have not had significant wait loss (or gain for that matter). I didn’t really google Graves disease but I did send my RE a message on the portal to ask if I should be concerned. She said no that all my results look fine and TSH is only a concern if it is HIGH. I later researched to find out a high number coincides with PCOS.  

Next step is the dreaded HSG test. M had one 2 years ago and while it was not her favourite thing it didn’t really ruin her day. As the blog reader in our relationship I know that people have varied experiences. I recall someone comparing it to a “medieval torture device”. That image stuck. We will have to travel to the city for the test and the good news is I got i. right away. I go this Monday on day 11. It can often take several months to get an appointment with how busy they are. I remembered to be extra polite as that is what got M in on a cancelation. I will post after and hopefully will be able to say it was a breeze. But really if it is a medieval torturous experience, at least it will be over on Monday. Crossing my fingers for clear tubes. One thought getting me through this is that I have no known problems so a blockage would be a pretty huge surprise. I am a bit uncomfortable with unatural x-rays and dye being shot up but one time is no biggie I guess. 

If all goes perfect with no bumps, this will be the pass to start our IUI’s. I am actually just assuming I will do IUI’s – I guess we should chat with our RE.  Hurry up and wait, Hurry up and wait. 

Off to work on report cards now!

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2 Responses to Moving Forward

  1. Allison says:

    Ugh report cards.
    This initial testing is really the worst of the IUI procedures. Hope the SHG goes well. (I didn’t enjoy mine, but it certainly wasn’t torturous!)

  2. jennandm says:

    Allison – glad to hear it was not torturous! I can handle pressure and cramps and annoying but not so sure about the stabbing that some people talk about!

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