We have transferred!

Woohoo, we made it to transfer. We got to the clinic and waited for our acupuncture lady to arrive. We got called back and M had her acupuncture session. It was lasers and then listening to a meditative track for about 30 minutes.

Earlier our RE had told us that she would be doing the transfer if we came in on Friday. So we were surprised when our appointment was scheduled with another RE. We had emailed our RE a couple days ago because we were getting a bit concerned that we hadn’t had a real discussion about how many to transfer. I was a bit uneasy bringing this up with her as at that point we were just hoping we would have something to transfer. Anyways, as M was about to be called in I asked the nurse if our RE was doing the procedure and she said no, why. And I said oh…. I thought she was going to and we would really like to talk to her before. So she went and got her and our RE said that yes she was doing our transfer. Phew. Close call.

So we go back to the same room as our Egg Retrieval, booties and all. We get in to the room and our wonderful RE tells us that she has a good feeling about this (now feeling a bit better at this point). She tells us that of the 5 fertilized eggs we still have 5 embryos! She said they are all rated at B and are 7, 8, 8, 8, and 9 cells. She said that it is extremely unlikely to have an A on day 3 and she doesn’t think she has ever seen one (good, feeling good now). She said that she thinks we will have something to freeze as well(woohoo!). She said that we could do a 5 day transfer and they all look really good but they scheduled a day 3 because it is probably better for them to be in the tummy. I am pretty sure it is protocol with only 5 eggs to schedule an earlier transfer.

So next up came the talk about numbers. We had previously discussed that if we made it to the a day 5 transfer we would transfer 2 and day 3 we would transfer 3. Well… we were concerned about the chance of triplets and also the chance of nothing. So with much debate (just kidding it was probably under a minute) we went with our RE’s advice/decision and transferred all 3. They already had a photo printed of our 3 before we decided. It was fate. They have been named (the embryos not the possible children) Peter, Paul and Mary.

Here are the stats. Our RE said they look really healthy so she doesn’t have a number but if she had to say she said we have an 80% chance of becoming pregnant. She said the chance of triplets was under 3%. Then she said and I quote ” You will NOT get triplets”. M told her that if she was wrong, she would be getting one.

After Peter, Paul and Mary were put in M’s body, M went back for another round of acupuncture. It was very convenient to have them come into our clinic. After that was done we headed home but had to stop to by a new doormat. We saw it on the drive home so we pulled over and both liked it. It wasn’t until we were about the pay that I realized it was 3 owls. I mean I saw it so I knew, but it didn’t register that they were triplet owls! M loves owls so we had to get it. We are now home and she is resting on the couch for the rest of the day!

Fingers crossed for a sticky baby. Please please let this work.

Photo of PP&M to come soon!

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  1. Congratulations! Praying for sticky embies for you both! (but less than 3 đŸ˜‰ )

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