Ultrasound and Bloodwork

We just got back from M’s ultrasound and bloodwork test. The bloodwork has not come in yet but the ultrasound results are not great.

The Dr. said M is not responding well to the medication. Her right side shows 1 good sized follicle which the Dr said is indicative of no response. As it is normal to have 1. Her left side showed more smaller ones – about 5 or 6. She said that there are not as many as we want but really the quality matters and if we get good quality eggs we are still okay. 

I am taking her words with a bit of concern. It will be interesting to see what her Estradiol is at. I mean I guess all it takes is 1 but we were hoping for more like….25. 

I’m going back to our old IUI motto – stay positive.

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2 Responses to Ultrasound and Bloodwork

  1. Allison says:

    Ugh. Sorry to hear that there’s only one good follicle right now. Hopefully another one (or 24) has a growth spurt before the retrieval.

  2. That sucks… Hopefully it’s just taking a little longer and you guys will get a bunch more before it’s time!

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