Are we obnoxious?

Okay so after our change in plans yesterday we came home, got organized and figured that we are okay and we can deal with change….right..change is good…right.

Anyways, this morning rolls around and M gets nervous about the new injection schedule. Remember we were at Pride and got a voicemail and because of that we only had scribbled notes on a piece of paper to guide our new plans.

So M realizes that we don’t know how to inject the Orgalutran. Yikes. We google it. Some people inject in thighs, some into tummys. There is something that says “stab yourself, pull back trigger, if see blood start with new needle” I mean that is not a direct quote. Anyways, problem is that these needles my friends, are 100 dollars each. So if she pulls back and sees blood come into the needle she has to THROW AWAY the entire medicine! ARGH. We only have 3. So with all this information we decide it is probably is best to call the nurses at our clinic to speak to one. So M calls at 7:30am the front desk lady says the nurse is bust so Maria leaves a message and says please call me back. 9:30 no one calls back. She was supposed to inject 2 hours ago. M is worried because we were told very clearly to inject at the same time each day. I suggest she calls back and she asks me to (we sound similar on the phone) so I call and it goes straight to voice mail. I say “hello this is M, and I need to speak to a nurse about my injections. I am supposed to Orgalutran medication 2 hours ago and I do not know how to do it. Please call me back asap” So then 11:30 rolls around, M calls back one more time and says “this is really important to the receptionist it is about my morning injection” and she says, “the nurses are all busy and I will pass the message along”. M says Fuck it and gives herself the 2 injections the way I find on google. Fast forward to 3:15 when the nurse calls back…3:15. But of course for some reason M’s cell doesn’t ring and it goes to voicemail. Her message says, “we were busy today but yes you are supposed to take your injection today”CLICK. Honestly???? 

I really don’t think it is too much to ask considering we had our injection meeting back in MARCH! That is 5 months ago. Who can remember 5 days ago let alone 5 months ago. 

We emailed our DR. last night asking her to schedule our ultrasound and bloodwork for tomorrow instead of Wednesday and she emailed back saying it was fine. 

Then we get another call from another nurse who says, tomorrow we need to get blood drawn. (no mention of said ultrasound). ARGH I think this is being more complicated then it has to. But if we drive all the way into the city and they don’t have an ultrasound spot for us… we will need to have a meeting with them, because we haven’t had a meeting with our DR. since December and this is a bit ridiculous. Or maybe I am being too “Type A” about this whole thing.

We are not financially advanced enough to just spend 15,000 dollars that we don’t really have carelessly. If we are going to do this, we need to go all for it and get the best monitoring. We are using a line of credit and putting all we have into it, I know the clinic deals with these issues each day, but to us, this is our first time. 

Are we being obnoxious?

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2 Responses to Are we obnoxious?

  1. Becca says:

    Doctor’s offices are the worst. I am always disappointed every time I actually need something from my Dr’s office. Don’t think you are overreacting. There is no “customer service” at many medical practices, they just want to deliver billable services. You have to be obnoxious and bother them to get what you need.

  2. Totally not obnoxious. Honestly, I’d have a discussion with your doctor about this. That’s unacceptable.
    Hugs and best of luck!!

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