Should have known..

Things were going too smoothly!


So we go get the bloodwork done today. It was early and I need to say that I don’t believe anyone should have to wake up with a time that starts with 5.

We thought with the need to drive into the city we might as well find something to do and because it happened to be the Gay Pride Parade we went. It was beautiful and hot and entertaining. It mad me a bit sad that we don’t have more gay friends. We met up with our 1 friend and her gf who is great but seeing all these large groups of friends made me miss having that camaraderie. 

Anyways… after the parade ends we get a call from our nurse. She said it is very important and that we need to call her back asap. She said M is not responding as they want her to with the medications. They would like her hormone level to be at 800 and right now she is only at 340. They have told her to increase her amounts this evening.

Reasons this sucks

1. More needles! from 1 to 3 a day

2. More medications – the toll it takes on her body now is headaches, nausea, loss of appetite

3. Cost – each needle costs us between 70 – 100 dollars. So essentially we are spending 200 dollars more A DAY then we had planned to. Yikes!

4. M got really upset about not responding well. She even said “Maybe we should just quit and switch to you”. She doesn’t like the needles and is nervous about all the money we are spending.

So we are feeling a bit more stressed now. To top it off…. They don’t want us to have another test/ultrasound until Wednesday. But we will be out of meds Monday night. So we will have to drive into the city Tuesday morning to get meds and then come back on Wednesday for the appointment.

We sent an email off to our Dr. to see if she would schedule the ultrasound and blood test for Tuesday instead. How annoying are we? Hope she says yes.

Now to go rest our sunburned bodies!

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1 Response to Should have known..

  1. Allison says:

    My dear, if you are planning on this baby I think you should get used to getting up at times that begin with a 5.


    Sorry to hear that things aren’t as clear as they could/should be. Hope you and M got things worked out with the injections and ultrasounds and all the rest of it. My fingers are crossed for a smooth retrieval.

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