Well we had our IVF consult and are officially moving ahead with it. We still have to wait until June when the clinic will be up and running and honestly, we are preparing ourselves for even July and August. You know how renovations go…


Some of the information we found out at the IVF consult is…. 

  • even if you do not have eggs fertilize you still owe the full cost which is roughly 15,000
  • you can do a 3 day or a 5 day transfer depending on embryo quality
  • we were initially told that if we got that far on day 3 we would transfer 2embryos or if we waited until day 5 we would transfer 1. However, our Dr. called back and said that she would like us to transfer 3 embryos on day 3 and 2 on day 5. Yikes!
  •  M will need to take a few days off of work
  • J will need to try not to faint during egg retrieval. Considering I almost during 1 of M’s unfun IUI….. I will try my hardest
  • our medication is not covered my J’s medical anymore and M’s medical covers 50% of some of the drugs up to a certain amount. We are told to prepare for between 3,000 and 6,000 worth of medication
  • M will not be going down for regular blood work as her LH levels are out of wack and instead will be put on birth control pills to stop ovulation. This benefits us as the trips to the city are time and money consuming (gas and loss of work)

Our old clinic invoiced us a bill for 3,700 dollars for 5 vials of sperm and a yearly storage fee. The last contact we had with them was when we asked them to put our order on hold (our donor was out of units and we were placed on a wait list) because we would be transferring over and wanted to order directly to our new clinic as to avoid a large transfer fee. Well….. apparently that message got missed…. so now we owe the money and have to pay the transfer fee. 

All in all I am happy that we are going ahead with this. My concerns are with finances and M’s medications. I think that probably anyone who has had a spouse go through a procedure like this was concerned for their well being. These are very strong medications that are not natural to be on. However, we made the decision that since she will only be on this strong medication for under a month that we are willing to do it.

Now time to hurry up and wait.

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