Success and kitty woes

Operation buy a townhouse is officially a success! Possession date April 24th. 


On a side note, our kitty is sick and having pee issues. TMI?

He has had crystals in his urine 4 years ago. Then 3 weeks ago he started peeing out of the litter box and sure enough he had the damn crystals again. We took him to the vet and she said they were back full force. He got a shot of something to strengthen his bladder lining and then he went on antibiotics for 10 days. Today I woke up to him scratching the dogs toy basket (disgusting I know) and sure enough he peed in it. I lifted the basket up and the floor was soaking went and bright RED! I started crying and M said to take him to the vet. But after calming down and re examining it looks like the acidity in pee just worked off the coating on the cherry brown wicker basket. Either way I am still concerned. I decided not to rush him to the vet and instead just wait to get the pee sample we – yes we, already have to collect at home with a syringe to bring in this week for a follow up check. If that pee comes out red then I am sure my panicking will re surface.

It is hard to be excited about moving when your first born son is sick.

Also, now we are concerned that he will pee on our furniture in the new house. Which we are planning on getting all new furniture for. Ah, what to do?

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1 Response to Success and kitty woes

  1. Ashleigh says:

    I’m sorry that kitty is sick. When Riley ended up in the hospital a few years ago, I was beside myself.
    Congrats on the townhouse though! That’s so exciting!

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