Change of Plans

After 8 unsuccessful IUI attempts, M and I sat down with our Dr.’s in December 2012 and decided that it was time to pursue IVF. Our clinic’s IVF cost is approximately $15,000 depending on which medications you are prescribed. So we started saving money. We realized that if we tried our hardest over the next 6 we could be able to afford the IVF up front and then put the Medications on credit card and pay it back over the next couple months (and see if our insurance would kick in a bit). We also had previously secured a Line of Credit under the impression that our fertility treatments could pile up and we didn’t want to be left unable to afford what we needed. So we stuck to a ridiculously tight budget and began putting away everything that was left over.

Once our savings started accumulating I (being the financial person and not a huge risk taker) announced to M that I thought we should consider purchasing a townhouse and using our IVF money as a down payment. Yikes! My thinking was that a downpayment needs to be cash, and IVF/fertility treatments could be paid for with the line of credit. I know that once we use all our savings on IVF and hopefully become successfully pregnant, that it will be pretty impossible to save up for a down payment again. I keep on thinking that this seems a bit foolish but my gut feeling is saying Buy, Buy, Buy!

I never imagined starting a family without owning a place to call my own with walls to paint for a nursery. So after a bit of convincing, M agreed to my idea, and we began the house hunting. She is fully onboard now, and we found a townhouse that we both really like.

We decided to chose an older townhouse with a really well run strata and over 1600 square feet. We are less interested in new and shiny and more interested in solidly built and spacious. We took a huge leap of faith and put in an offer. After what our real estate agent described as “the fun part” of back and fourth nagging, we finally agreed on a price. We found no fun in it. Only stress.  So now we are working at getting all of our subjects removed and have found another hiccup through CMHC. We are crossing our fingers that this goes through but also trying to accept the idea that if it doesn’t go through it just wasn’t meant to be. There are more places out there and we are not in a massive hurry.

The idea of investing in IVF is not as scary to me anymore. I feel that all of the most important parts of my life are coming together now. Marriage, careers, buying a home and starting a family. Whenever I start to think of how hard, or stressful these last years have been with the discouragement of our unsuccessful IUI’s I have to remember that we have a lot to be thankful for. We both have full time jobs, we have family and friends, we have a amazingly awesome animal family, and we are about to start a family (thinking positive). Many people do not have these areas of life to be thankful for.

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