26 Weeks!

How Far Along: 26 weeks

How Big is Baby: Baby is now the size of an Eggplant and the length of green onions

Gender: I still can’t tell you… we are keeping it a secret! From everyone. Except for each other.

Baby’s Milestones This Week: Baby can now open and close their eyes.

Total Weight Gain: 14 pounds as of today. Which I guess isn’t that bad since 4 weeks ago it was 10. So 1 pound a week. Hmm. 14 weeks to go.

Who We’ve Told About the Pregnancy: No one is in the dark

Maternity Clothes: I am now in maternity clothes or dresser/skirts. I really do not want to buy too many clothes. In a week we are heading to the U.S. of A. and clothes are much cheaper there so I will probably buy a bit more.

Stretch Marks: No new marks yet

Sleep:Sleep has always sucked for me. Now it sucks even more. I try to sleep on my side and I wake up with sore neck and shoulders. I just can’t quite figure it out yet.

Best Moment of the Week: When I scared the baby with the blender. I make smoothies quite often but had fallen of the wagon for about 4 days. When I turned on the blender yesterday it jumped and started kicking me. M said it was mean – I thought it was hilarious. Another great time is quite often when I haven’t felt the baby kick for a while I will say High 5 and put my hand on my belly. I would say the baby has about a 50% response rate and high 5ing me back. Pretty awesome baby.

Food Cravings: Nothing major except for there was this commercial for KFC that had these fries in them that look like railway tracks. M said they are called waffle fries. In the interior of B.C. they have a restaurant that sells these with cheddar cheese and green onions on top with a yellow sauce for dipping. They are called Pachos. I haven’t had them in many years. I want them so badly. I wish I could have a whole plate full. Problem is that the restaurant is 5 hours away. So I found out something. You cannot recreate them. Also, no grocery store in my town sells those fries. I still want them. Ugh it is so sad.

Food Aversions: none, but I made fish for dinner last week and I swear I can still smell it.

Symptoms: Feeling huge

Labor Signs: No!

Belly Button In or Out: Still in. I No longer wish for it to pop out. I don’t think it is as cute as I fist thought it would be.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On – which is great because today is our 5th wedding anniversary!

Mood: I am always in a pretty good mood. I am now officially off work for the summer. I am watching our good friends child for a few days a week and generally working at M’s work the other days. We are trying to catch up on bills from the missed wages in May and June due to our B.C. teacher strike.

Movement: Lots! This is the biggest change. The little monkey kicks all the time. M can feel it daily. I have been woken up 3 or 4 times and it kicks for about 30 minutes.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Pushing it out. Just kidding! After pushing it out. I don’t know if I am looking forward to this but I really want to know what it’s little face looks like. I find it very weird that I have NO idea what it will look like. M assures me it will be cute, but I jus think it’s so surreal.

What I Miss: Nothing this week.

Nesting: This week we bought our baby dresser and M set it up. Things are starting to come together.

In other news, as I mentioned earlier today is our 5 year wedding anniversary. We are so old now! I waiver between feeling very old at 30 and thinking about how lucky I was to know who I wanted to marry and get married at 25. We have no big plans as the weather has turned a bit rainy. Maybe a nice dinner and movie. We are so Canadian we got married on the 4th of July.

A big concern I have had is obtaining a teaching job (Every year I am temporary) while I am due in early October. I would essentially only be able to work the month of September or less if my Dr. took me off early which seems to happen a lot in elementary school. I went to a few interviews and someone else with more experience got the job. One time I know I was completely equal but they decided on the other candidate. I know my pregnancy and obvious belly played into this. But there is nothing I could do since we are equal. However, last weekend I did get a part time job at my current school. It will be enough to keep my medical for the next year which is what my main goal was. Also, if any other positions come up I can still apply for them and hope for full time. Being a kindergarten teacher and knowing kindergarten parents, unless the family already knows me or likes me, it would be a hard sell starting 8 months pregnant. No one wants their kids first experience in school to be changed for a mat leave.

M and I are heading to Phoenix next Saturday the 12th. Woohoo! I am slightly concerned about the heat but we are going to stay with her parents and they have air conditioning and a pool. We Continue reading

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21 (+2) Weeks!

I stole this idea from Jenn at stillamamawannabe.wordpress.com


How Far Along: 21 weeks 2 days

How Big is Baby: Baby is now the size of a banana!

Gender: I can’t tell you… we are keeping it a secret!

Baby’s Milestones This Week: Baby can now taste food that I am eating. Which is interesting because I had my first craving of chocolate tonight.

Total Weight Gain: 10 pounds give or take a pound. I was sitting at a 5 pound weight gain for about 10 weeks then in week 19 BAM it started coming on. Feeling nervous about gaining too much as I am sure I am going to get Huge considering I am only 5’2.

Who We’ve Told About the Pregnancy: Everyone pretty much.  :)

Maternity Clothes: I bought my first maternity clothes last weekend! I went cheap as I have no idea how my body is going to grow. I bought a pair of jean capris from old navy and 2 tank tops. The capris have the waist that goes up to your boobs and holy jeez it is so very comfortable.

Stretch Marks: Not yet. I say this because I am certain I will get many. Even growing up I got many from getting taller. I blame genetics…

Sleep: My lovely wife bought me a snoogle which is amazing! I am not a huge pillow fussy person in real life but I have been having major difficulty not sleeping on my back. I have always slept on my back and even though I am not supposed to I wake up on it. I am hoping that if my body or baby needs to be adjusted I will wake up. The snoogle helps with sleeping on my side a ton. If you don’t know what it is I recommend google. It is amazing! M has already told me once baby comes out she wants it!

Best Moment of the Week: Baby kicked our dog. She sat up high on my belly and it kicked her and she moved to the bottom of my belly and I felt it kick there after. It was really funny. Im not sure the dog felt it.

Food Cravings: First craving tonight!- chocolate

Food Aversions: none

Symptoms: belly growth, a bit more tired, baby kicks and currently suffering from a really annoying cold that seems to be worse because of my lowered immunity.

Labor Signs: No, No thank you!

Belly Button In or Out: Inny but I wish it would pop out because it looks weird to have a big belly with a bellybutton hole.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On – I don’t want to have to take them off. I love my wedding ring!

Mood: I am always in a pretty good mood. My job is on rotating strike (teacher) so that causes a bit of stress. The government has also taken in upon themselves to doc all teachers paycheques by 10% so this is not good timing. Did I mention we are still paying off our dogs surgery on our visa? Yikes!

Movement: Yes, and the feeling is not how I imagined. It is little pokes usually in the exact same area.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Having the baby healthy and at home!

What I Miss: Honestly, I miss beer and caesars. I do not drink that often usually but since I have been pregnant I have been wanting to!

Nesting: Not too much but M painted the baby room last weekend and we have been organizing it. Not in a nesting way but in a how do 2 people have a 3 bedroom + den house and have it completely full of furniture. We are trying to figure out where the stuff in the current baby room will move to. It is a guest room now and we don’t really want to get rid of the bed and the dresser won’t match…. So we have been re organizing.


One thing I have been feeling a bit guilty about is that I am not 100% positive all the time. I swore when M and I were having difficulty conceiving that if I ever got pregnant I would not complain about morning sickness but instead be happy it meant there was a baby in there. Well I didn’t enjoy the morning sickness. I am a generally cheery person but I find myself worrying about weight gain. I think I am probably in the norm just didn’t see this happening after our struggles. Oh well!


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20.5 weels

I cannot believe we are here already. Well I can because the time has been dragging but I feel that we are living in an unreal magical land where pregnancy happens. Since my last update not too much has happened.

- met with thyroid specialist and decided on monthly blood draws to test m TSH, T4 and T3. I have a prescription ready to go if my levels come back out of whack. The first test I had <0.01 TSH (and all 3 tests after). My T4 and T3 were high on the first one, slightly high on the second one and in the normal range for the 3rd test. This can all be accounted to NOTHING. There is nothing I can do to change these levels. She said that because the T3 and T4 were in normal range it does not seem that I have Graves Disease. Plus the test for it involved radioactive iodine so it wont be officially ruled out anytime soon.

- had our second ultrasound. At 19 weeks 4 days. Baby is measure in the 50th percentile and the midwife gave me a quick call to let me know all seemed well. We have the next prenatal with them in a couple days where hopefully we will review it in more detail.

- The ultrasound tech got a good shot and could see the gender. We do know the gender. IT'S A ________________ surprise for everyone else. But we will lie to your face if you ask if we know. It may seem weird but we wanted to know for our sanity but keep the surprise for all our family and friends.

- my belly is growing. It is much larger at night/after work then it is in the morning although it is started to look huge in the morning too.

- I have gained 7.5 pounds. Yikes!

- Our R.E. told us at our first ultrasounds that it takes longer to make a Cadillac then a ford. Since then we have livingly referred to my belly as Cady. We had the news on this morning and were joking about names and I said to M "The next commercial that comes on will give us the name of our baby". It was a freaking Cadillac commercial. Not going to user that name though.

- I can feel the baby move now. I think I have been feeling it for a long time but did not realize it was the baby. It feels like little kicks or pinches. A couple nights ago when I was laying down in bed I felt the kick and told M to feel my belly. She could feel it too so it must be legit! She felt it again last night and said it was a leg cuz it was pretty forceful. :)

- I have been feeling much better now with only a little bit of blah ness

- The babies head looks big to me. I think because I was thinking about how it would need to get out…

- I do not have any cravings, which I am thankful for

- In other news I am on strike with my union. This is good timing…NOT.

Here is baby Cady – we are in love :)


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I have been a nervous slacker

It has been a while since I updated. Over a month. I think about updating all the time, but then this little superstitious voice is all “don’t count your chicks before they hatch”. I know this is ridiculous. This is going to be long…

So here is what has happened in the last month. We had our 7.5 week ultrasound on February 26th and all looked well.

Between the end of February and middle of March not much happened besides feeling pretty crappy and being confused how a baby could be growing and I don’t feel anything in the baby area. Aside from a few pinches/pulls it was pretty much just the rest of my body and head that felt weird. I told M that if I did not know I was pregnant I will like something was seriously wrong with me. My body felt like… it was taken over. Not so much poisoned but just not wonderful. I hear this is normal though.

My school has a two week Spring break at the end of March so in early March I was looking out my window at the constant grey rain and told M “I am not going to stay home for 2 weeks feeling crappy while you go to work. Lets go to your parents in Phoenix”. She agreed, flights were booked, and we thought we had perfect timing as her moms birthday fell on our trip and we could tell her about our surprise.

During the first week of Spring Break I got all my bloodwork completed minus the genetic testing as the paper for that was mixed up.

My parents watched our pups while we jet setted and we decided it was only proper to tell them about the baby before we flew across the country to tell M’s family. My mom was really confused at first as she had no idea but soon became really excited. She even called me later that evening and all she could say is “I”m Flabbergasted”. Too funny.

I had asked my midwife if there was anyway she could squeeze me in for a quick doppler test before we flew across the country to announce our pregnancy. She was so kind and said yes and we got a baby heartbeat reading of 155. She said that she could feel my uterus and that was a good sign. I then realized that that was what that weird bump was. Ha!

We then flew to Phoenix to enjoy the sunshine and it was beautiful there. M told her mom by making her a Grandkids wooden board that had each grandchild in order of birth hanging down with our ultrasound at the end. She was happy, we were happy and it all went well. Our newphews were a bit confused but they know they will be getting a new cousin in October.

The vacation is going great and I get a call from my Doctor while I am in the States. He tells me there is a concern with my TSH as it is extremely low and I am hyperthyroid. He says he wants me to go see a Dr. In the U.S. to take my blood pressure and pulse to make sure I am not above a 120 pulse. Cut to me panicking – really how could I not. I get back to my in-laws and see an email from my Midwives telling me to see my Doctor A.S.A.P. Oh great. So I ask my Doctor if I could just go to one of those machines at the pharmacy and he said yes, and to call back if my pulse is over 120.

I go to the pharmacy – okay 5 pharmacies over the next 2 days and my blood pressure is a bit higher then normal for me as well as my pulse. However they are still in the regular range and my pulse is sitting between 92-100. My Doctor schedules me in to see him the Monday after I get back from the trip and I resume my escalated fear.

We fly home Friday morning. We were not ready to leave. We had done a lot of running around and M had painted her moms house but we didn’t have that one day to sit in the sun and relax. We looked at flying home Saturday instead but all the flights were booked. We sadly went to the airport the next morning. M went to go get some breakfast and I sat with our bags when they announced the flight was overbooked! They needed some wonderful volunteers to take a later flight home. I volunteered and asked if that later flight could be tomorrow instead. They said yes and we were first on the list to be off the plane. As everyone else boarded we stayed behind and success! We got first class tickets for the Saturday flight and called M’s mom to pick us up at the airport. It was wonderful! And as an added bonus we got a $450 flight voucher each. Hello free Christmas flight!

We get home and I go the Doctor after work on Monday. He takes my blood pressure and pulse and checks for tremors in my hands. He refers me to an endocrinologist to decide our game plan for the pregnancy.

On Tuesday we go to our Midwife appointment for our 12 week check up. Everything checks out good and she says that babies heartbeat is strong but took the doppler off before she got a reading. She went really fast. She said it was between 150 and 160 and good. So that put us at ease a bit.

On Thursday we drove to the city for my endocrinologist appointment. Here are some of the things she said.
– I am hyperthyroid
– She does not recommend getting pregnant with my condition
– Because I am pregnant I cannot complete the test (Radioactive iodine) to try to diagnose why I am hyperthyroid as it would cross the placenta
– My levels are not good for regular people
– For people with Hyperthyroid and pregnancy my levels are where they aim for people to get with medication
– I will need monitoring to decide if and when I start the meds
– miscarriage rates are higher then normal but not quite doubled
– She is impressed me made it to 13 weeks

I asked her if she thought it was safe for us to tell people at 13 weeks and she said well you could always wait a couple more weeks. M thinks she more meant that no one would know so we don’t have to tell. ARGH! My midwife on Tuesday said – you are looking great – tell people!

Here is what I know from my pre fertility bloodwork. My TSH was the exact same low low level so that has not changed through pregnancy. My T4 and T3 were not tested then so I do not know the levels of those. I was able to conceive and carry a baby 13 weeks with that low level so why should I panic that it will end now. It is not as if this is a brand new thing my body is dealing with.

So last night we told my grandma and my aunt as she was at my grandmas when we arrived. My aunt cried. It was cute. We purposely told my grandma when my grandpa was in the other room as we didn’t know how he would respond. He did not come to our wedding but he did come to the small reception after. He is kind but old fashioned and really doing the best he can. We live in the same town and visit often and he treats M with complete respect. I just want to leave the explaining to my grandma.

So here we are at 13 weeks 1 day and feeling excited and nervous. I am a bit bummed this Hyperthyroid shit had to come and ruin a bit of our happiness. I am choosing to stay positive and excited for this October arrival. Yesterday the hospital called me and booked me into my genetic scan ultrasound for May 20th. They said – you can find out gender then if you want. WHAT! Already! next month! Wow!

So we are riding this roller coaster and believing we will have a happy ending with a healthy baby in October!

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First ultrasound

Today is 7weeks 5 days since my IUI. We had our first midwife appointment yesterday (you have to get in early or you are out of luck in our small town). It was really just to chat about what a midwife does and answer any of our questions.

Today was our first ultrasound at our fertility clinic with our wonderful fertility doctor. I was so nervous I was shaking. Lately I have been feeling a lot crappier – like an all day mild hangover or the end of flu that won’t leave. So I was trying to tell myself it was all good. I still had major concerns. I’m not sure if I was concerned about the fever I had or if it was more that after 3 years of trying I couldn’t believe it could possibly be true.

Our doctor came to get us in the waiting room before our 9am appointment and took us to the ultrasound room. It was a go inside ultrasound not a tummy ultrasound which I knew about and was prepared for. Same as all my follicle scans. She put the wand it and I couldn’t even look. I started reading a note on the wall over and over until she said “this looks very good” or I think that’s what she said. It’s a blur from my nervousness. M listened much better then me.
This is what I do remember
– heartbeat was very strong at 159 (her words)
– measuring perfect for my schedule – which is 1 day behind IUI which makes sense as ovulation occurred after IUI
– it looks completely normal and perfect
– I have been released to my midwife unless an emergency situation comes up
– my body feels lighter now as the stress has lifted. I know we are not in the clear but hearing a heartbeat and getting little blob/cocoon pictures feels good. :)

Next appointment in end of March with my midwife. Only thing between then and now is bloodwork bloodwork bloodwork!


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Waiting Game

After I updated last I continued to get more and more sick. I ended up having to go to the ER and have the doctor on call check my fever. He told me I had to keep it below 38.5 and if I got that high to try to control it with all my options (cold compress, tylenol, lukewarm showers, getting my hair wet) before I came back. He also told me if I could not get it down he would have to put something up my bum (HUGE MOTIVATION). So we went home and my fever continued. :(

It only got over 38.5 once and after I found that out I got it down within 20 minutes. So I was and am a bit panicked. I don’t have a doctor yet as my first midwife appointment is not scheduled until next week. I emailed my RE and she said that a fever would not hurt my baby and that I should keep on top of the tylenol. I so did not want to be taking any meds and I wouldn’t if it was just a cold but the fever was not good.

After I went to the hospital I came home and I ended up throwing up. This is when I realised I was probably dealing with a flu and not just a cold. I threw up again 8 hours later and then never again. That morning my fever broke and while I was running at about 99 degrees I didn’t find that too unusual as ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been running a bit high.

I went to my family Dr and told her that I was 5 weeks pregnant and I had a fever and I wanted to make sure I didn’t have anything else (pneumonia) as I had a very heavy cough (and still do!). She said she has never heard of a miscarriage from the flu and while it is not an ideal environment to have a baby in, she thinks there is no concern.

I then put in an email to my midwife and she wrote back that because the babies placenta was not developed yet that I should not be concerned. Don’t these professionals know that google says it is very bad to have a fever between weeks 4-6????

All I know is that I am doing all I can and taking my vitamins and resting and I am very hopeful that all will be well. Well, I am being a bit of a spaz and M has to tell me about 3 times a day that baby is fine.

Here are the positives – my boobs got SUPER sore after the fever for a few days, and now they are sore but just not super sore, I still have minor cramps, I still keep burping and quite often I am waking up with a “Hangover” that doesn’t go away until I eat breakfast and comes back throughout the day.

I am trying to stay positive but I am still worried. I have my first appointment/ultrasound in just over a week. I am 6 weeks 4 days today. Please please please let it be healthy.

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Feeling Worried

I caught a cold. A regular sore through, coughy, sore neck and back, stuffy head cold. Last night I figure I should probably take my temperature to make sure it is not high. It was 100.9. Instant panic. I called our province nurse line and after 30 minutes we decided that I could take tylenol to bring down the temperature as it was safe and it is more important that the baby has a good temperature then it doesn’t have any tylenol. It seemed to go down a bit but was still around 100.1 into the night. Throughout the night it went to about 99.5 and this morning it is fluctuating between 99.2 and 99.9.

The nurse line said to go to a Dr. in the morning but because it is a long weekend that will mean walk in clinic and I really don’t want to be exposed to all those germs. I called my fertility clinic nurses line and she said to keep taking tylenol and if it doesn’t go away in a couple days to go see a Dr. (tomorrow).

I am so nervous I am doing this baby harm :( I want nothing more then to provide the healthiest environment for our little bud.

Any tips or advice? Did this happen to any of you? I made the huge mistake of googling and everything talks about 5 weeks danger. Before or after is fine but at 5 weeks is worst. OH GREAT! Ahh..

oh and also,
I just took my temperature. One side of my tongue is 99.1 and the other is 99.8 What the heck?
Should I be freaking out?

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